From the Tabletop to the Screen: Crossovers, Lore, and Rules

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Week’s Top News

  • Warhammer 40K Lore: Unraveling the latest developments
  • Horus Heresy Rules: Ka’Bandha’s formidable abilities
  • Eddie Munson Enters the Tabletop: Stranger Things characters as playable NPCs
  • Final Fantasy Cosplay: Tifa Lockhart’s iconic portrayal

Meet Ultramarines’ Samuel Dexter

Amidst the tumultuous year of 1988, Samuel Dexter emerged as the formidable Master of the Forge for the Ultramarines Chapter. His reputation for unmatched prowess and resourcefulness solidified his status as a legendary figure in the annals of Warhammer 40K lore.

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Tribute

In celebration of her unwavering determination and formidable fighting skills, we present a showcase of captivating Tifa Lockhart cosplays. AVALANCHE’s valiant heart is brought to life through these elaborate and authentic representations.

The Future of Star Wars Storytelling

Despite Disney’s focus on exploring the gaps between Star Wars trilogies, the question lingers: Will the narrative venture beyond the events of Rise of Skywalker, unlocking new chapters in the beloved saga?

Ka’Bandha Rules Revealed

Prepare for the wrath of Khorne’s fury! Ka’Bandha, a formidable Bloodthirster, arrives on the Horus Heresy tabletop with an impressive 550-point cost. His overwhelming presence will challenge even the most seasoned warriors.

Stranger Things Characters as D&D NPCs

Immerse your game in the thrilling world of Hawkins with the Stranger Things Character Codex. Familiar faces from the Netflix series, such as Dustin, Steve, Argyle, and Eddie, are meticulously crafted as D&D stat blocks, ready to enhance your tabletop adventures.

Exploring Epic Encounters

Delve into the uncharted realms of Epic Encounters from Steamforged Games. We unbox the thrilling adventures of Hive of the Ghoul-kin and Barrow of the Corpse Crawler, revealing the captivating challenges that await you.

Crossover Event: Humorous Superheroes

Step aside, doom and gloom! This week’s Crossover Event shines a spotlight on the comedic side of superheroes. Join us for an entertaining episode as we explore the hilarious exploits of our favorite comic book characters.

Author: Anya Loskutova

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