Goat Yoga: A Unique and Stress-Relieving Experience at Inner Peas Farm

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Immerse yourself in the serene and invigorating atmosphere of Inner Peas Farm, a rustic haven nestled in the picturesque town of Hurricane, Utah. Embark on a delightful Goat Yoga session, where you can connect with nature, engage in mindful stretching, and interact with adorable baby goats.

Inner Peas Farm: A Sanctuary for Animals and Wellness

Established by yoga aficionado Camille Zolman, Inner Peas Farm spans 1.5 acres and is home to a lively herd of 25 goats, including six playful 2-month-old kids. The farm also boasts 48 hens, 14 fruit trees, and plans to expand with a cut flower farm, a lush garden, and a shaded yoga deck.

Goat Yoga: A Transformative Experience

Goat Yoga offers an unparalleled opportunity to de-stress and rejuvenate amidst the tranquility of nature. Certified yoga instructor Camille Zolman leads these unconventional classes, where attendees can enjoy a gentle yoga flow while interacting with the curious and affectionate baby goats.

“Goat Yoga is a multi-sensory experience that combines the physical benefits of yoga with the therapeutic effects of animal interaction,” explains Camille. “It’s a delightful way to connect with the present moment, let go of stress, and find inner peace.”

The Benefits of Goat Yoga

This innovative form of yoga provides numerous advantages, including:

– Stress reduction and improved mood regulation
– Enhanced flexibility, balance, and coordination
– Increased socialization and a sense of community
– A deeper connection with nature and animals
– A boost in creativity and playfulness

Zion Yoga Fest: Fostering Community through Yoga

Complementing her work at Inner Peas Farm, Camille Zolman is the driving force behind Zion Yoga Fest, an annual event that unites the yoga community of Southern Utah. The festival offers a diverse range of yoga classes, workshops, and live music performances.

Booking and Availability

Goat Yoga sessions at Inner Peas Farm are announced a month in advance. Private sessions are also available for a more intimate experience. For schedule updates and booking information, visit their website or follow @innerpeasfarm on Instagram.


Escape the hustle and bustle and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with Goat Yoga at Inner Peas Farm. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a first-time participant, this unique and therapeutic experience is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, connected, and inspired.


  • “Goat Yoga is pure joy! The goats are adorable and playful, and the yoga flow was just the right level of challenge. I left feeling energized and relaxed.” – Sarah J.
  • “This was an amazing experience! The goats were so curious and friendly, and the yoga session was perfect for beginners like me.” – John B.
  • “The combination of yoga and animal therapy is genius! I highly recommend Goat Yoga for anyone looking to de-stress and connect with nature.” – Emily S.

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Additional Facts

  • Inner Peas Farm also offers private farm tours and workshops on goat care and sustainable farming practices.
  • Goat Yoga classes are limited to 10 participants to ensure a personalized and intimate experience.
  • The farm welcomes visitors of all ages and abilities, making Goat Yoga accessible to everyone.
  • Camille Zolman plans to establish a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Goat Yoga sessions for underprivileged communities and individuals with special needs.

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