Goat Yoga: An Up-and-Coming Trend

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In a world where yoga enthusiasts have explored numerous variations, including heated yoga, a novel form has emerged: goat yoga. Half Moon Yoga, located at the Ditmar Farm in Council Bluffs, offers goat yoga classes, blending the disciplines of yoga and animal interaction.

Benefits and Experiences

Goat yoga provides a unique and playful twist to traditional yoga practice. The presence of baby goats during classes introduces an element of humor and distraction. Yet, beyond the entertainment value, goat yoga also offers therapeutic benefits. The interaction with animals can offer a calming and stress-reducing effect for participants.
“It appeals to a lot of people for the animal therapy aspect,” said Carrie Stageman, Owner/Instructor of Half Moon Yoga. “It’s a fun activity to do with friends, while also getting some exercise and being outside.”

Guidelines and Precautions

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, Half Moon Yoga implements certain guidelines. Reservations are mandatory to maintain social distancing requirements. Participants are advised to leave personal belongings outside the yoga area, as the goats are known for their playful exploration.


Goat yoga has gained popularity as an innovative and fun alternative to conventional yoga. By combining the benefits of yoga with the comedic and therapeutic aspects of animal interaction, it provides a unique experience for those seeking a blend of fitness, relaxation, and entertainment.
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