Goat Yoga Chicago: A Path to Serenity and Mental Wellness

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Animal-assisted therapy is gaining traction, and Goat Yoga Chicago in South Barrington, Illinois, exemplifies its benefits.

Goat Yoga: A Stress-Busting Practice

Goat yoga has become increasingly popular. As Danielle Kerr, founder of Goat Yoga Chicago, emphasizes, “We’re committed to fostering mental well-being through yoga and animal companionship.”

Kerr acknowledges the calming effect of the goats, which roam freely during yoga sessions. “Their presence is therapeutic,” she explains.

The Goat Massage

Goats’ natural proclivity for elevated surfaces prompts them to perch on participants’ backs during yoga. “It’s like a massage,” says Regan Catania, a first-time attendee.

Classes and Availability

Goat Yoga Chicago offers classes at the Arboretum and a farm in Elgin on weekends. Aerial yoga will soon be introduced at their Barrington studio.

  • Individual classes and group outings available
  • Registration via GoatYogaChicago.com

Please note that goats are animals and accidents may occur. However, Kerr assures that any mess can be easily cleaned up.


Goat Yoga Chicago provides a unique and effective approach to mental wellness. The combination of yoga, animal interaction, and the calming presence of goats creates an environment conducive to relaxation and stress reduction.

Credit and rights: OMG I Yoga


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