Hatha Yoga: A Restorative Yoga Experience at West Fitness Center

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Immerse in Tranquility with Mindful Hatha Yoga

Step into a mirrored haven where serenity prevails, illuminated by the gentle glow of an overhead light and the flicker of a verdant candle. In this ambient space, embark on a transformative yoga journey guided by the soothing voice of an experienced instructor.

Introducing Hatha Yoga, a restorative practice that emphasizes core strength, breathwork, balance, and toning. This mindful approach differs from cardio-intensive yoga styles, prioritizing proper form and intuitive guidance for each participant’s needs.

An Inaugural Session with Positive Acclaim

“We had a very good turnout,” remarks Phyllis Stebbins, the instructor leading this innovative class at Andrews. “I prioritize modifications based on observation, ensuring participants execute stretches correctly to avoid potential strain.”

Tech. Sgt. Tapika C. Bryant, a participant in the inaugural session, shared her positive experience: “The class was exceptional. The instructor encouraged us to listen to our bodies and progress at our own pace, which is crucial in yoga to prevent injuries.”

A Journey through Rest, Movement, and Relaxation

The class commences with a relaxing session, easing participants into Hatha Yoga postures and exercises. The practice culminates in a blissful relaxation session, promoting deep tranquility.

The diverse exercises include stretching, holding, and relaxing poses, each evoking a different energy. From the grounding “mountain” to the revitalizing “cobra” and the empowering “warrior,” each posture offers a unique opportunity for physical and mental growth.

Unveiling the Practicalities

Participants are advised to bring a blanket, comfortable clothing, and a mat (although mats are also provided). The hour-long class is currently held on Fridays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Open to all base personnel, the class operates on a walk-in basis. Sergeant Bryant eloquently summarized her experience: “I enjoyed every aspect of the class. The movements, the music, and especially the final relaxation session were incredibly calming and peaceful.”

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