High Definition/Modern Fitness Yoga in Portsmouth

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High Definition/Modern Fitness Yoga in Portsmouth

Innovative Yoga Options in the Seacoast Area

Portsmouth now offers a unique and innovative form of yoga, open to individuals of all fitness levels. Yoga, renowned for enhancing strength and flexibility, has taken a new dimension with High Definition/Modern Fitness Yoga, introducing trapeze yoga training along with other conventional yoga styles.

“We opened the studio in August 2019, introducing a distinct yoga style to the NH Seacoast area,” said Emily Jones, the owner, and manager. “Our specialization lies in Yoga Trapeze, a practice I mastered in Barcelona, Spain.”

Benefits of Trapeze Yoga

  • Spinal traction, alleviating back pain
  • Enhancing core strength
  • Developing grip and upper body strength
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Strengthening muscles supporting the spine

Additional Unique Yoga Classes

  • Yoga Wheel: Incorporating a wheel prop for balance challenges
  • Gravity Massage: Utilizing massage balls for a self-guided full-body massage

Overcoming Challenges during the Pandemic

Despite the initial setback caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the studio adapted quickly. Emily developed a virtual business, attracting clients worldwide interested in inversion therapy.

Upon reopening, safety precautions were implemented, including social distancing, reduced class sizes, and mask requirements.

A Family Affair

“I am grateful to my family for their unwavering support in establishing this space,” said Emily. “My parents, siblings, and boyfriend contributed significantly to the studio’s physical transformation.

Emily’s passion for fitness extends beyond yoga; she played collegiate field hockey at Bentley and has a strong family history in fitness instruction.

For more information about High Definition/Modern Fitness Yoga, visit their website at hdportsmouthfitness.com.

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