**House of Beauty: Revolutionizing Skincare with Face Yoga and Science**

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**By Emily Carter**


In the burgeoning landscape of skincare, House of Beauty, established in 2018, has emerged as a pioneer. This India-based company offers a comprehensive suite of skincare solutions, encompassing face tools, skincare products, nutraceuticals, and face yoga techniques.

**The Founders**

House of Beauty was founded by Vibhuti and Sumit Arora, a husband-wife duo with extensive experience in the skincare industry. Vibhuti, a certified face yoga expert and MBA graduate, spearheads business development and consumer education. Sumit, an MBA from the University of Toronto, handles finances and operations, ensuring the company’s financial stability and operational efficiency.

**The Concept**

Recognizing a lacuna in the skincare industry, House of Beauty aimed to bridge the gap between consumers and holistic, natural skincare solutions. Vibhuti, driven by her passion for yoga and skincare, introduced a range of face yoga techniques and educated consumers on their benefits. The company also emphasized personalized skincare regimes, leveraging the expertise of their team to provide tailored recommendations.

**The Mission**

Vibhuti and Sumit’s unwavering mission is to “Revolutionize Skincare” through the integration of face yoga and scientific principles. House of Beauty is committed to promoting holistic well-being, with a focus on sustainable packaging, natural ingredients, and ergonomic designs.

**The Growth**

In the past year, House of Beauty has expanded its product offerings from 15 to over 70, catering to the evolving needs of its clientele. The company has also ventured into nutraceuticals, addressing the growing demand for holistic wellness solutions that nourish both the body and skin.

**Accolades and Recognition**

House of Beauty has achieved US FDA approval, underscoring the quality and safety of its products. The brand has also garnered recognition for its innovative approach, with Vibhuti being acknowledged as one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the country.

**Contact Information**

For inquiries or further information, please contact:

* Email: [email protected]
* Instagram: @houseofbeautyindia
* Phone: +919810657886


House of Beauty has established itself as a leading force in the skincare industry, pioneering the integration of face yoga, science, and holistic wellness. Guided by the expertise and dedication of the founding duo, the company continues to revolutionize the skincare landscape, empowering consumers to achieve radiant and healthy skin.

**Author:** Emily Carter

**Credit and Rights:** OMG I Yoga

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