House of X: Bridging the Gap Between Content Creators and Brand-Building

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House of X is a groundbreaking platform founded by Entrepreneur and Content Creator Raj Shamani. Established in 2021, the platform empowers content creators to establish and develop impactful brands.

Growth and Expansion

Following the initial launch with two creator-led brands (Blanko and YFL Home), House of X has plans to incorporate additional creators after receiving positive feedback and performance. Blanko, a renowned perfume brand, caters to the fragrance market, while YFL Home offers solutions for home-based cooking, including recipes, kitchen appliances, and other related products.

  • Since its inception, House of X has engaged with over 100 content creators, with 20 brands in the pipeline.
  • Focused on refining the business model, House of X plans to expand and launch more brands within the next year.

Market Validation and Testing

Shamani emphasizes the importance of testing the market and gauging customer response. Blanko and YFL Home have served as testing grounds to assess demand and refine products.

  • Blanko sold approximately INR 1,50,000 worth of inventory within the first 45 days.
  • YFL Home experienced rapid stock depletion, highlighting the demand for its offerings.
  • Customer feedback and retention rates have been promising, with Blanko boasting a retention rate above 30%.
  • Product testing among customers is estimated to take 18 months, with early indications showing positive trends.

The Intersection of E-Commerce and Creator Economy


Creator Economy

Shamani emphasizes the convergence of e-commerce and the creator economy as a disruptive force in the Indian economy.
Content creators are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of their audiences, while House of X provides the infrastructure for brand creation.

Creator Selection Criteria

House of X employs a stringent selection process for creators. The primary criteria include:

  • Understanding audience needs and wants
  • Ability to effectively communicate product benefits
  • Alignment between the creator’s brand and the product’s target market

Product-First Approach

House of X prioritizes product development before identifying creators. Data analysis and market research are utilized to identify product opportunities.

The team then focuses on differentiating the product and sources the best creator to effectively engage with their target audience.

An example of this approach is the collaboration with celebrity chef Sanjyot Keer for YFL Home. Keer’s YouTube channel provided a platform to reach home chefs, aligning with the product’s target audience.

Launch Timeline

Shamani outlines the efficient launch timeline for brands:

  • Product research and development: 5–6 months
  • Creator selection: 1 month
  • Brand launch: 7 days
  • Website launch and pre-ordering: Immediate

Earnings Potential

Creator earnings are contingent on their ability to effectively serve their audience.

Shamani cites an example of a yoga creator who earns over INR 8 crore annually by providing post-pregnancy yoga instruction to the US market.


House of X has established itself as a pioneer in bridging the gap between content creators and brand-building. By combining market research, strategic partnerships, and a product-first approach, the platform empowers creators to monetize their influence and build impactful brands. As the convergence of e-commerce and the creator economy continues to reshape the business landscape, House of X is well-positioned to capitalize on its expertise and drive further innovation in this emerging space.

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