How I Shop: Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan of Sky Ting

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Co-founders of the global wellness brand discuss their personal style, favorite brands, and the influence of their business on their wardrobes.

By [Author Name] | June 23, 2023

Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, co-founders of the renowned yoga brand Sky Ting, have transformed their local fitness studio into a global phenomenon. Their approach to style both on and off-duty reflects their unique blend of accessibility and aspiration.

On Personal Style

  • Krissy Jones: “I love to dress up when I’m not teaching. I call them costumes in NYC — like when I go to the ballet or a show.”
  • Chloe Kernaghan: “I have definite characters that I lean into with my fashion choices. I love getting dressed. I love playing with it and trying to put together looks that might surprise people.”

On Shopping Habits

  • Krissy Jones: “Ebay is a gold mine. I also shop at vintage stores in New York and when I’m traveling.”
  • Chloe Kernaghan: “I shop a lot on Ebay and The Real Real. I’m mindful of the wastefulness of the fashion industry.”

On the Influence of Sky Ting

  • Krissy Jones: “We’ve started wearing more cropped and tailored things for virtual classes. We’re wearing more Nike and Tory Sport.”
  • Chloe Kernaghan: “When we used to have public classes, we would wear loose and oversized clothing. But we saw that as a trend at Sky Ting.”

On Activewear Brands

  • Krissy Jones: “I like Nike and Ernest Leoty. Their material is dancer-y, which I prefer for online yoga classes.”
  • Chloe Kernaghan: “I love Live the Process. The fabric is long-lasting. I’m also a fan of FP Movement for its simple and solid-color crops.”

On the Importance of Dressing Up

  • Krissy Jones: “After I’m done teaching, I want to put on a dress. We want to put on full normal-people looks after a day of yoga.”
  • Chloe Kernaghan: “Dressing up and showing up is big in our worlds.”

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