About Our Mats

For OMGI, sustainability is more than just using “natural materials”. We pride ourselves in using 100% recycled tire rubber to make the base of the mats and 100% upcycled AAA grade cork for our cork mat tops and blocks.

Thick padding, happy knees

Outdoor use encouraged

The recycled tire rubber comes in handy when you practice on dirt, grass, sand, gravel, concrete, or any material that the great outdoors has to offer

Joint Support

The thick padding provides the ultimate support base for those with sensitive joints. Knees will feel safe and comforted without the need of a blanket. The dense mat creates a feeling of groundedness and stability so you can focus on the pose and not your mat.

Fully customizable in small batches

Designed for Durability

Crack Resilient Cork

Only the best quality upcycled cork is used on our Cork performance mat series. We partnered with engineering experts to develop a proprietary CorkMesh technology, an bonds that holds the cork to its recycled rubber base through 3D weaves, without the need for glue that fades over time. The shine in our cork represents 100% cork with no other wood materials blended in. So you're getting all cork!

Longer Lasting

Our mat can last for 5 years of personal use wear and tear! We've tested our mats in heavily used residential community gyms, and they've lasted over 5 years of use with weights, pilates, yoga, and high intensity type workouts. We've tested our mats with The Yoga Van, which brings our mats outdoors to different destination yoga clients for over 4 years.

Durable Cork Mat
OMGI Performance Cork Yoga Mat

Top Tier Performance

Grippier when you sweat

Cork is naturally grippy and anti-slip, especially when you sweat. Cork's micro-holes keep sweat from "pooling" up on the mat.


Truly Sustainable

Feel better about your mat. The upper layer of cork is upcycled, and the base is recycled. The inks we use to print are water soluable.

Anti-Microbial and Stink-Free

Cork is the bark of a cork tree, and is naturally anti-microbial and smells natural. Just wipe with water after use.

Yoga Mat Icon

Unrolls Flat

No more bunching up! Our materials allow the mat to stay flat no matter how rigorous your practice, even when you drag your feet in a vinyasa.

Water soluble inks for edge to edge printing. Fully customizable.

  • Yoga Studios
  • Personal Brand
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Employee Wellbeing Benefit
  • Workplace Gyms
  • Hospitality Branding

Work with our design team to bring your branded design concept to life. We offer design services for all our wholesale orders at a minimal fee. Email: [email protected]

Have something in mind that we don’t currently offer? We can make mats of all sizes and thickness. We currently offer cork yoga blocks, cork yoga mats, and a microfiber suede mat using the same recycled tire rubber bottom. We are also able to help you create yoga towels, accessories and more. Talk to us today! Email [email protected]

We work with Well Sonoma’s Corporate Well-being Team to fully customize a plan to transform your workplace. This includes a quarterly assessment, access to online and live telecast classes, webinars, challenges, and a year end report. If you are in Sonoma County, we are able to customize a wellness plan that includes on-site yoga, meditation, sound healing, chair massages, nutrient injections, acupuncture, and more. Talk to us today! Email: [email protected]