Inni Ravil: A Haunting Melody from Aromalinte Aadhyathe Pranayam

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Inni Ravil – A Malayalam Melody from Aromalinte Aadhyathe Pranayam

The Malayalam film Aromalinte Aadhyathe Pranayam (The Beginning of A Romance), released in 2017, features the hauntingly beautiful song “Inni Ravil” (The Night’s Veil).

Lyrical Enchantments

Penned by the renowned lyricist Anoop G., the lyrics of “Inni Ravil” weave a tapestry of longing and despair. Each verse captures the protagonist’s yearning for a love that remains forever elusive.

Musical Maestro

The song’s melodies, composed by the talented Sreekanth S Narayan, create a poignant atmosphere that perfectly complements the lyrics. The soulful rendition by K. S. Harishankar further elevates the emotional impact of the music.

On-Screen Presence

In the film, “Inni Ravil” serves as a poignant background score for the characters portrayed by Salim Kumar, Sidhique Zaman, and Amana Sreeni. The song’s evocative melodies and lyrics resonate deeply with the emotional arcs of the protagonists.


“Inni Ravil” from Aromalinte Aadhyathe Pranayam stands as a testament to the evocative power of music and lyrics. Through its haunting melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics, the song transports listeners to a realm of unfulfilled yearning and longing.

  • Lyricist: Anoop G.
  • Composer: Sreekanth S Narayan
  • Singer: K. S. Harishankar
  • Stars: Salim Kumar, Sidhique Zaman, Amana Sreeni

Credit and Rights: OMG I Yoga


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