International Day of Yoga: A Call for Consciousness and Connection

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Yoga Belongs to Humanity

On the ninth International Day of Yoga, renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru emphasized that Yoga is not a possession of any particular group but belongs to all humanity. He stated, “Yoga originated in a land that was referred to as Bharat, but it is a universal practice that transcends national and cultural boundaries.”

“Anything that we discover cannot belong to any group of people. What we invent can belong to people. What we make up can belong to a certain group of people. What we discover as a reality cannot belong to me or you. It is the right of every human being to find a way for their own fulfillment.” – Sadhguru

International Day of Yoga: A Day of Commitment

Sadhguru described the International Day of Yoga as a day of commitment to personal well-being and global harmony. He explained, “Remaining physically and mentally in the best possible way is the best contribution you can make to the world. It is not a day of mere celebration but a day to pledge to enhance our physical, mental, and emotional health.”

Yoga as a Living Heritage

In conversation with Dr. Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO Artist for Peace, Sadhguru highlighted the importance of passing on Yoga as a living heritage to future generations. He cited the growing prevalence of loneliness in the United States as a symptom of the walls of individuality that people build around themselves.

Sadhguru explained, “Yoga (Union) means you’re not lonely anymore because only you exist in the universe. Everything is you. Wherever you see, it’s just you. So when you see too much of yourself, you’ll close your eyes and sit.”

Yoga for Youth and Technology

In response to a question from the audience, Sadhguru shared that he will be launching an initiative in 2024 to help young people navigate the challenges of technology while avoiding the loneliness trap. He believes that exploring the mind through practices such as yoga, meditation, art forms, and martial arts can foster mental well-being and resilience.

Event Highlights

The event at UNESCO headquarters featured an address by UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and Ambassador and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Vishal V Sharma. Isha Foundation’s band “Sounds of Isha” performed, as did Project Samskriti with a captivating dance performance themed around Yoga.

Over 1,500 people attended the event, including ambassadors from various countries, dignitaries, and representatives from the world of fashion, music, and business.

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