Jal Kamal Hilson’s Journey to Yoga

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Exploring the Transformative Power of Yoga

A Transformation in India

Born and raised in Preston, Lancashire, Jal Kamal Hilson embarked on a transformative journey when her husband proposed a move to her ancestral home in Navsari, Gujarat, India, in 2016. This relocation introduced her to a profound new passion: yoga.

Discovering Yoga’s Essence

Upon arriving in India, Hilson’s morning runs were replaced by yoga practice, which she initially viewed as a simple form of exercise. However, a suggestion from her husband to pursue a qualification in yoga proved life-changing.

Embracing her cultural heritage, Hilson embarked on a 30-hour train journey to Rishikesh, nestled in the Himalayas, to attend a yoga course. This immersion deepened her understanding of yoga’s ancient teachings and its emphasis on harmony, respect, and self-awareness.

Cultural Considerations

Hilson expresses concern about the rising popularity of fads such as beer yoga and goat yoga, which she believes trivialize and disrespect the sacred nature of the practice.

Highlighting the traditional roots and spiritual significance of yoga, she emphasizes that it is a conscious choice towards personal growth rather than a mere hobby or sport.

Teaching with Authenticity

Upon returning to the UK, Hilson transitioned into yoga teaching, eager to share the transformative power of the practice she had discovered. However, she observes a worrying trend on social media, where teachers prioritize aesthetics over substance.

Hilson believes that yoga’s true value lies in its ability to facilitate inward reflection and personal growth. She advocates for a holistic approach to yoga, respecting its cultural sensitivity and fostering a deep connection with the self.

Bridging Traditions

Hilson’s childhood memories of watching her grandmother practice yoga in a Preston temple sparked an early fascination with the ancient tradition.

As a bridge between her Indian heritage and Western upbringing, Hilson’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of yoga to connect cultures and foster a deeper understanding of the self.

“Yoga is something I live and breathe and I want it to be a gateway for other people. Not just something they pick up and drop. It is damaging to the beautiful ancient practice.” – Jal Kamal Hilson


Jal Kamal Hilson’s journey serves as a testament to the profound transformative power of yoga. Her experiences in India and her deep understanding of its cultural significance inspire her to promote authenticity and respect for the practice, ensuring its integrity and value for generations to come.

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