Jon Kessler’s Yoga Mat: A Reflection of Counterculture

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## Introduction

Jon Kessler, a renowned New York-based artist, has designed a peculiar yoga mat for Grey Area’s coveted series of yoga mats. Kessler’s mat features an unconventional design depicting a $100 bill adorned with a razor blade, shards of glass, and simulated lines of cocaine.

## Artistic Intention

Kessler’s yoga mat explores the juxtaposition between tranquility and chaos. By superimposing drug use imagery onto a traditionally serene surface, the artist challenges conventional perceptions of relaxation and mindfulness. The mat compels practitioners to confront uncomfortable truths and embrace a broader interpretation of the body and mind connection.

## Critical Commentary

“If you consider the many hours people spend staring at their mats, often in a grounded and conscious state, unencumbered by their mind’s preoccupations, they are in an ideal condition for viewing art,” states the sales blurb for Grey Area’s yoga mats. Kessler’s design amplifies this notion by creating an art object that demands contemplation and dialogue.

## Cultural Context

Kessler’s yoga mat draws inspiration from the infamous Kokie’s Place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a bar notorious for its association with drug culture. Through this reference, the artist evokes a bygone era of counterculture while blurring the lines between nostalgia and critique.

## Availability and Impact

Kessler’s yoga mat is available for purchase at the Guggenheim shop and Grey Area. Its unique design has sparked a range of reactions, from intrigue to disapproval. It serves as a testament to Kessler’s ability to provoke thought and challenge norms through his art.

## Conclusion

Jon Kessler’s yoga mat is a bold and controversial work of art. By fusing tranquility with a reminder of drug use, the mat prompts introspection and questions the nature of relaxation and well-being. Kessler’s design leaves an indelible mark on the yoga mat’s traditional form, forever altering its association with serenity.

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