Junction Center Yoga: Restorative Yoga for Enhanced Well-being

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Junction Center Yoga Studio, a thriving establishment located in Jacksonport, has been fostering yoga practitioners for nearly two decades. Among its offerings, restorative yoga classes have garnered significant acclaim, particularly among seasoned individuals seeking to enhance their daily movement and overall well-being.

Characteristics of Restorative Yoga

This gentle form of yoga stands as the most accessible option at the studio, appealing to both novices and experienced yogis. Restorative yoga sessions seamlessly blend inner focus techniques, such as controlled breathing and meditation, with fundamental yoga movements that emphasize alignment, flexibility, and balance.

Benefits of Attending Restorative Yoga Classes

Attendees experience a profound sense of presence and tranquility during these classes. The primary objective is to embody one of yoga’s core principles: the harmonious integration of mind and body. As Kathy Navis, the studio owner and instructor, aptly states, “Mindfulness is an integral aspect of true yoga practice. While many focus on physical development, it is rare to devote attention to mental well-being, despite its potential to inflict profound suffering.”

Restorative yoga movements are typically rated as a three on a scale of strenuousness (zero being inactive, ten being maximum effort). This level of exertion is sufficient to evoke a sensation that Navis describes as “interesting.” For participants, this typically manifests as gentle stretching or joint mobilization without discomfort or strain.

Studio Environment and Clientele

Junction Center Yoga Studio is conveniently situated off Cty A at 3435 Junction Road, north of Jacksonport. The class sizes typically range from ten to fourteen participants, comprising individuals primarily in their sixties, seventies, and eighties. Notably, Navis has observed a growing number of male attendees, particularly after receiving positive feedback on the benefits of yoga for golf performance.

Instructor Credentials and Passion

Navis has been immersed in yoga since the 1980s, initiating her practice for physical education credit at UW-Green Bay. Subsequently, she became deeply enamored with the discipline and pursued teacher training in 1995. Following experience at various teaching venues, she acquired the property that now houses Junction Center Yoga Studio in 2000, commencing operations in fall 2001.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Navis possesses an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by older participants, having witnessed their diverse physical conditions. She tailors her classes to accommodate these individuals, asserting, “Anyone capable of getting to the ground and back up, even with assistance, can participate.”

Positive Testimonials and Impact on Participants

Dolly Emerson, a frequent attendee of restorative yoga classes, lauds the teachings imparted by Navis, particularly in beginner sessions. She expresses gratitude for the knowledge gained, stating, “I’ve learned so much, especially in the basics of yoga.” The studio fosters a convivial atmosphere, devoid of judgment or competition. Navis remarks, “The focus is solely on self-improvement and enjoyment. It’s a truly relaxing and restorative experience that allows for profound introspection and enhanced overall well-being.”


Junction Center Yoga Studio’s restorative yoga classes have proven to be an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to augment their well-being. By blending inner focus exercises with accessible movements, these sessions empower attendees to cultivate mindfulness, improve mobility, and enhance their daily lives with grace and ease.

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