Kangana Ranaut Embarks on Enlightening Yoga Retreat

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Kangana Ranaut Undergoes Transformative Yoga Retreat


Following her initiation with renowned spiritual leader, Kangana Ranaut embarked on an immersive eight-day yoga camp in Coimbatore. This retreat, known as ‘Samyama,’ entailed rigorous meditation practices and a vow of silence.

Personal Transformation

Speaking about the profound impact of the retreat, Ranaut shared, “Following my encounter with Sadhguru in the United States, he advised me to undertake Samyama. Initially, I hesitated, content with the Shambhavi practice from the inner engineering program. However, his insistence prompted me to embark on this transformative journey.”

Despite her initial apprehension, Ranaut experienced a breakthrough during the intensive retreat. “On the fifth or sixth day, the transformative effects became apparent. I am immensely grateful for this experience, as it has awakened a profound connection with Shiva within me.” Ranaut emphasized the profound nature of the experience, surpassing any success or material possessions.

Professional Endeavors

On the professional front, Ranaut announced her involvement in a biopic of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa. This project follows the completion of her ongoing works, ‘Mental Hai Kya’ and ‘Panga.’

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