Kiyo-Kids Discover the Joy of Child Yoga

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In Augustusburg, the Laden-Experiment has played host to a unique opportunity for children and parents to delve into the world of child yoga. Sarah Bonitz, a passionate educator, has been the driving force behind the Kiyo-Kids project, offering tailored courses for young individuals aged four to ten and parent-child sessions.

Benefits of Child Yoga

Child yoga provides a multifaceted array of benefits, encompassing improvements in concentration, motor skills, body awareness, and self-confidence. Through engaging exercises that harmoniously blend movement and relaxation, Bonitz fosters a positive and fun environment where children can thrive.

Sarah Bonitz’s Passion and Expertise

Bonitz’s unwavering dedication to child development is evident in her comprehensive understanding of the subject. Her professional journey began in 2016 with a research paper exploring relaxation techniques for young children, highlighting the transformative potential of child yoga.

The Future of Kiyo-Kids

The success of the Laden-Experiment has fueled Bonitz’s ambition to expand the Kiyo-Kids project. Ongoing discussions with the municipality and the “auf weiter flur” organization hold promise for continued support. Additionally, Bonitz actively considers providing mobile training services to childcare facilities, extending the benefits of child yoga to a broader audience.


Sarah Bonitz’s Kiyo-Kids initiative has ignited a passion for child yoga in Augustusburg. The project’s positive impact on participants is a testament to Bonitz’s expertise and dedication. As the project continues to grow and evolve, it is poised to make a lasting contribution to the well-being of young minds and bodies.

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