Koko Hayashi: Face Yoga Innovator and Reality TV Star

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## Koko Hayashi’s Journey: From Facial Yoga Entrepreneur to Reality TV Star

### Early Beginnings

Koko Hayashi, a Japanese entrepreneur, embarked on facial yoga after a cosmetic surgery mishap. Recognizing the transformative potential of this practice, she dedicated herself to its development. Hayashi’s approach emphasizes tightening facial muscles for a more youthful appearance.

### Shark Tank Experience

In 2019, Hayashi’s then-named venture, Face Yoga with Koko, appeared on “Shark Tank.” She sought an investment of $200,000 for 20% of her company. While Hayashi’s initial pitch garnered interest, her disclosure of another business with higher profitability raised concerns among the Sharks. Ultimately, they declined to invest.

### Post-“Shark Tank” Challenges

Despite the setback on “Shark Tank,” Hayashi remained undeterred. She noted that the show’s exposure brought significant attention to Koko Face Yoga, but also highlighted the challenges of launching a new product. Hayashi faced initial quality issues with her app due to the overwhelming demand.

### Growth and Expansion

Today, Koko Face Yoga continues to thrive. Hayashi’s website offers a range of online and in-person lessons, as well as products like sleep tape. The company has received recognition from celebrities such as the Kardashian family and has expanded its online reach through social media.

### Future Plans and Innovations

Hayashi envisions a future for Koko Face Yoga centered on technological advancements. She plans to develop a face yoga app utilizing AI and facial recognition technology. Additionally, Hayashi continues to share facial yoga tips on social media and maintain her involvement with Mirai Clinical, her other business specializing in hygiene products.

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