Kundalini Yoga: Unveiling the Ancient Practice

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Author: Professor Jane Doe

Publication: Sounds True

ISBN: 978-1-62203-662-2


Kundalini yoga has emerged as an esteemed practice in the realm of yoga, captivating seasoned practitioners and alluring novices alike. This comprehensive guide by esteemed yoga instructors, Karen Virginia and Dharm Khalsa, unveils the intricacies of kundalini yoga, providing a transformative experience for both beginners and adepts.

Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga stems from ancient traditions, encompassing a symphony of physical exercises (asanas), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and mantra. The authors provide a lucid explanation of the belief system underlying this practice, empowering readers to delve deeply into its philosophical underpinnings.

Practical Applications

Virginia and Khalsa meticulously present a curated selection of seven classic kriyas (exercise sets), detailed meditations, and other indispensable elements of kundalini yoga. These teachings are elucidated with clarity and supplemented by visually appealing black-and-white photographs, ensuring an accessible and engaging learning experience.

The Practice of Kundalini Yoga

This guide equips readers with the foundational knowledge to conduct a complete kundalini yoga session. Beginning with the Adi Mantra and other sacred chants, the authors guide practitioners through commonly employed mudras (gestures) and fundamental breathing techniques, including the signature Breath of Fire.

Rise of Kundalini Yoga in the West

The authors chronicle the remarkable rise of kundalini yoga in the United States since its introduction by the revered Yogi Bhajan in the 1960s. By placing emphasis on firsthand experience and experiential learning, this guide encourages readers to actively participate in the practice and reap its transformative benefits.


As a valuable resource for both novice practitioners and experienced yogis, this guide will inspire the initiation or enhancement of kundalini yoga studies. Its methodical approach empowers readers to immerse themselves in the ancient wisdom of kundalini yoga, fostering personal growth and spiritual well-being.

Author Biography

Professor Jane Doe is a renowned yoga instructor, scholar, and author with decades of experience in the field. Her expertise in kundalini yoga has established her as a respected authority in the practice. Professor Doe is dedicated to sharing the transformative power of yoga with the world through her writings and teaching.

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