Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i: Dual-OLED Touchscreen Innovation at a Premium

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Lenovo has released the Yoga Book 9i, a unique notebook/tablet hybrid featuring dual OLED touchscreens. The innovative design stands out amidst competitors, but a closer look reveals performance limitations that may justify the hefty price tag.

Pricing and Availability

The Yoga Book 9i is available for purchase in the US and EU markets. In the US, it starts at $2,000, while EU customers must contend with a higher price of approximately $2,750. Despite the 10% discount offered in the EU, the price remains a significant barrier.

Design and Features

The Yoga Book 9i’s defining feature is its dual-OLED touchscreen design. The two 2880 x 1800 displays provide exceptional image quality and versatility. The lightweight build adds to its portability. However, the lack of a physical keyboard and the poor touchpad design may hinder productivity.

Performance and Battery Life

While the Yoga Book 9i’s design impresses, its performance falls short of expectations. The i7-1355U processor underperforms compared to its predecessor, the i7-1255U. Additionally, the two OLED displays place a significant demand on battery life, resulting in a practical 7.3 hours of use.

Pros and Cons


* Exceptional image quality and versatility of dual OLED touchscreens
* Pronounced bass from Bowers & Wilkins speakers
* Lightweight and portable build


* Disappointing CPU performance
* Uncomfortable touchpad and wireless keyboard
* Limited serviceability


Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i presents an innovative design with dual OLED touchscreens. However, the high price, limited performance, and design shortcomings hinder its overall value. While OLED displays may become more common in the future, the current pricing and performance limitations make the Yoga Book 9i a questionable purchase at this time.

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