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Newly Appointed Board of Education Members

On Tuesday, February 27, William Walker, Carole Mineo, Ray Harvey, and Dennis Grant were sworn in as the newest members of the Newburgh Board of Education. Their terms will extend until the next election cycle.

Community Unification

Don Berger, a Montgomery resident, has embarked on a mission to foster unity among five municipalities, the county government, and the state of Northern Orange County.

Tragic Hit-and-Run Accident

A hit-and-run collision on Route 9W near The Falcon in Marlboro resulted in the deaths of two individuals on Friday, March 1. The State Police blotter reported the incident at 9:23 p.m., with one driver fleeing the scene.

Solar Farm Proposal Update

Developers of US Light Energy presented a substantial update to their proposed Long Lane solar farm during the Crawford Planning Board meeting on February 26. The revised plan includes significant changes.

Hometown Actor Reflects on Roots

Actor Michael John Benzaia, who grew up in Pine Bush and attended Pine Bush High School, maintains a connection to his hometown despite now residing in multiple locations.

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