Loka Yoga: A New Yoga Studio in Whangarei

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Loka Yoga, a novel yoga studio, has opened its doors in Whangarei, under the co-ownership of Sharon Thatcher and Donelle Mason. The studio commenced operations on Monday, providing yoga classes in a central Whangarei location.

Focus on Safe and Accessible Yoga

As highly trained and experienced yoga instructors, Sharon and Donelle prioritize safe and sustainable yoga practices accessible to all. They believe in the democratization of yoga, advocating for simplicity and practicality.

Uncomplicated and Adaptive Classes

Loka Yoga’s classes are uncomplicated yet challenging, tailored to participants’ levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. The instructors emphasize listening to one’s body and working within its limitations.

About the Instructors

Donelle Mason, a Whangarei native, brings years of experience in fitness instruction. Her credentials include Advanced Yoga Teachers Certification RYT 500, Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, Yin Yoga certification, and a Diploma in Teaching. Apart from yoga, she engages in fitness and mobility teaching for seniors, culinary arts, gardening, and outdoor adventures.

Sharon Thatcher, a former resident of Marlborough, previously owned and operated Loka Yoga Marlborough in Blenheim for three years. She also spent three years teaching yoga in Fiji. Currently residing in Whangarei, she enjoys outdoor activities with her dogs, homemaking, and tending to her garden and orchard.

Loka Yoga’s Distinctive Approach

Loka Yoga’s differentiating factor lies in its emphasis on safe and sustainable yoga practices throughout one’s life. The studio dispels the notion that yoga is intimidating or requires exceptional flexibility or fitness. Sharon emphasizes that yoga adapts to individual needs, accommodating age, body type, and health conditions.

“There is no judgement, no expectations. Just yoga,” says Sharon.

For further information, please visit Loka Yoga’s website at www.lokayoga.co.nz.

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