Lululemon’s Sheer Yoga Pants Blunder: Opening the Gates to Competition

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Lululemon Athletica’s recent debacle with sheer yoga pants has created a “tsunami of competition” for the retailer. This blunder has given rise to several emerging brands that are challenging Lululemon’s dominance in the yoga apparel market.

Key Competitors


Athleta, owned by Gap, Inc., is expanding rapidly and shares Lululemon’s emphasis on community and in-store events. Athleta’s substantial financial resources and similar target market pose a significant threat to Lululemon.


Nordstrom’s Zella, a luxury yoga brand, has a loyal following among yoga enthusiasts. Its diverse size range and top-rated quality have garnered positive reviews, setting it apart from Lululemon.

Calvin Klein

Lululemon has filed a lawsuit against Calvin Klein, accusing them of copying their “Astro” yoga pants. Calvin Klein’s yoga brand is carried in major department stores and has a comparable aesthetic, posing a threat to Lululemon’s intellectual property.


Founded by former yoga instructor Jamie Hanna, Zobha targets the luxury yoga market. With boutiques and flagship stores, it caters to both women and men. Zobha’s eco-conscious initiatives and high-quality garments have established a solid consumer base.

Under Armour

Under Armour, known for its high-performance fabrics, has recently invested in its women’s division. Its Studio yoga line, with its superior moisture-wicking properties and competitive pricing, has emerged as a top competitor for Lululemon.

Lily Lotus

Lily Lotus, a boutique brand, offers eco-friendly and stylish yoga apparel. Its focus on sustainability and unique designs appeal to customers disillusioned by Lululemon’s recent expansion and quality issues.


Soybu promotes sustainable active wear made from sustainable materials. Its affordable pricing and ethical values resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

Old Navy

Gap’s Old Navy has entered the yoga market with its high-tech yoga line. Priced at $12 per pair, its yoga pants have gained significant traction, catering to budget-conscious shoppers.


Prana is an established brand with similar price points to Lululemon. Its strong presence in the men’s market, which Lululemon is targeting aggressively, gives it a competitive edge.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret’s expansion into yoga offerings has boosted its sales and established it as a significant competitor. With its strong brand recognition and strategic marketing, Victoria’s Secret poses a challenge to Lululemon’s market share.

Mika Yoga Wear

Mika Yoga Wear specializes in clothing for women and has a strong e-commerce presence. Its unique use of real-life athletes in promotional materials has garnered attention and sets it apart from the competition.


Nike has recently developed a formidable yoga line and plans for further expansion. Its omnipresent store presence allows it to reach customers that Lululemon may have difficulty targeting.


Gaiam, a lifestyle brand, is already well-established in the yoga community. Its basic yoga mat is widely recognized and serves as a solid foundation for beginners.


Adidas/Reebok, with its renowned reputation and lower price points, presents a strong challenge to Lululemon. Its familiarity with consumers further solidifies its competitive position.


Lululemon’s sheer yoga pants blunder has inadvertently created opportunities for other brands to enter the yoga apparel market. The emergence of these competitors has intensified the competition in this sector, forcing Lululemon to adapt and innovate to maintain its market leadership.

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