LYT Yoga Method: A Pioneer in Physical Therapy-Based Yoga

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Innovation and Thought Leadership

The LYT Yoga Method stands out as the only yoga form developed by a physical therapist. Its creator, Lara Heimann, has been a trailblazer in integrating physical therapy principles into yoga practice.

Heimann’s journey into the realm of yoga began with her exploration of neurodevelopmental physical therapy, which focuses on understanding the brain’s impact on movement. Through her practice, she observed gaps in traditional yoga teachings and sought to bridge them by introducing elements of developmental work.

Scaling the Brand

From its humble beginnings as a local studio, LYT Yoga has evolved into a global enterprise with a robust online platform and a network of over 800 trained teachers across the globe.

Heimann’s team, led by a Director of Education and Programming, oversees training and provides support to their extensive network. The organization has expanded to include e-commerce, marketing, operations, and technical support teams.

Heimann’s Journey

Heimann’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur in the fitness industry was not a deliberate pursuit but rather a result of her passion for physical therapy and the desire to share her innovative approach to yoga.

After establishing her own yoga studio, she recognized the need to reach a wider audience and began offering online training. The development of her online platform, along with her podcast, has significantly expanded her reach and influence.

Accomplishments and Values

Heimann’s greatest accomplishment is her ability to live life in alignment with her values and philosophy. This is reflected in her yoga practice and teachings, which emphasize self-understanding, acceptance, and mindfulness.

She attributes her success to her dedication to ongoing learning, her resilience in the face of challenges, and her unwavering commitment to her beliefs.

Leadership Qualities

As a manager, Heimann is described as a compassionate and supportive leader who empowers her team. She values collaboration, open communication, and constructive feedback.

Her leadership style is characterized by her ability to recognize and nurture the potential of her team members, while also holding them accountable to high standards of excellence.

Motivation and Inspiration

Heimann credits her parents as her mentors and role models. Her father, a surgeon, exemplified the importance of empathetic listening and the willingness to go above and beyond for others.

Her mother’s extraordinary intelligence and passion for raising her children have also had a profound impact on her life. Both of her parents instilled in her the values of self-care and service to others.

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