Maddox Fleming: An Unconventional Path to Division I Hockey

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Maddox Fleming: An Unconventional Path to Division I Hockey

Unique Preparation Sets Fleming Apart

Maddox Fleming, a Rochester native, is embarking on an atypical journey towards his future as a Division I hockey player at Notre Dame. While his peers focus primarily on on-ice training, Fleming has incorporated unique off-ice pursuits to enhance his physical and cognitive abilities.

Hot Yoga: A Recovery Ritual

Fleming’s unusual preparation involves weekly hot yoga sessions. Despite facing initial skepticism from his teammates, he firmly believes in the benefits of this practice.

“It aids in physical recovery, especially during this demanding period of the season when fatigue sets in,” Fleming explains.

Mathnasium and Book Club: Academic Enrichment

Fleming is equally dedicated to his academic pursuits. Recognizing the rigors of Notre Dame’s academic environment, he attends Mathnasium for supplemental support and participates in a book club to broaden his literary horizons.

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Sioux Falls Stampede
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Leadership and Maturity on the Ice

Fleming’s commitment to personal growth extends to his on-ice performance. He has assumed a leadership role within the Sioux Falls Stampede, serving as an alternate captain.

Fleming values the opportunity to lead by example and is eager to make a meaningful contribution to both his team and the Notre Dame hockey program.

Playoff Aspirations and Future Goals

As the regular season draws to a close, Fleming sets his sights on guiding the Stampede into the USHL playoffs. His unwavering determination reflects his aspiration to make an immediate impact at Notre Dame while pursuing a top role within the team.

Fleming’s unconventional approach to player development has not only strengthened his physical and mental capabilities but has also fostered a deep appreciation for the pursuit of excellence both on and off the ice.

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