Mahashivaratri: President Murmu Joins Celebrations at Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore

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In a poignant address at the Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore on Saturday night, President Droupadi Murmu emphasized the paramount importance of a harmonious and compassionate existence in alignment with nature and its inhabitants.

The End of Darkness

President Murmu hailed Lord Shiva as a universal deity who vanquishes darkness and ignorance, illuminating the path toward enlightenment. She underscored that Mahashivaratri marks a profound occasion for spiritual seekers.

The Benevolent and Fearsome

In her address, Murmu highlighted Lord Shiva’s multifaceted nature: a householder yet an ascetic, the first yogi yet the primordial sage. She characterized Shiva as both a benevolent and formidable deity, embodying the duality of creative and destructive energies.

Isha Foundation’s Welcome

Before Murmu’s address, she was warmly received by Sadhguru, the revered founder of Isha Foundation. Governor of Tamil Nadu R.N. Ravi and IT Minister Mano Thangaraj were also in attendance.

Pancha Bhutha Kriya and Mahayoga Yagna

The President participated in the symbolic Pancha Bhutha Kriya, a purification ritual conducted by Sadhguru at Dhyanalinga. She also ignited the Mahayoga Yagna at Adiyogi, signifying the global dissemination of yoga.

A Modern Rishi

Murmu extolled Sadhguru as a “renowned modern-day Rishi” who has inspired countless individuals worldwide to embark on spiritual journeys, particularly among the youth.

Commitment to Human Wellness

In his address, Sadhguru emphasized the criticality of promoting physical and mental well-being for each individual. He declared Isha’s dedication to providing tools and techniques to enhance human fulfillment.

Global Yoga Outreach

Sadhguru announced Isha’s ambitious mission to introduce a simplified form of yoga to two billion individuals globally within the following 24 months. He asserted that this endeavor was imperative for the overall well-being of humanity.

Nightlong Celebrations

The 12-hour cultural extravaganza included meditative sessions, Sadhguru’s discourse, and an interactive Q&A segment. Renowned artists, including Ram Mirjala, Velmurugan, Kutle Khan, Mangli, Ananya Chakraborty, Meenal Jain, Nihar Shembekar, Mame Khan, and Niladri Kumar, performed. Additionally, Kannada folk singers, Georgian dancers, and Theyyam fire dancers from Kerala graced the occasion.
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