Mumbai Police Busts Fake Call Center, Arrests Mastermind Engineer

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By John Doe
  • Andheri police apprehended Sunil Chavan, a 27-year-old engineer from Karnataka, for orchestrating a fraudulent call center.
  • Chavan utilized enticing social media advertisements to lure victims into taking out low-interest Prime Minister Mudra Loans.
  • The call center operated out of an office in Panvel, where Chavan concealed his deceptive activities under the guise of digital marketing.
  • Police seized 17 bank accounts used by Chavan to store funds fraudulently obtained from victims’ Aadhaar cards and PAN cards.
  • Chavan’s fraudulent operation came to light after he duped Andheri resident SM Meena of Rs40,240 in a Mudra Loan scam.
  • A team of nine individuals from Chavan’s hometown collaborated in the operation, which was disrupted by the Andheri police using technical surveillance.
  • Chavan exhibited a lavish lifestyle, investing heavily in gold ornaments and providing financial assistance to impoverished individuals in exchange for their personal documents.
  • Chavan has an extensive criminal record, facing multiple FIRs across India and operating a similar call center in Goa that has yet to be apprehended.
  • Police confiscated gold ornaments worth Rs21.66 lakhs, Rs10 lakhs in cash, a car, a laptop, 61 mobile phones, 61 debit cards, 20 chequebooks, and 37 passbooks from Chavan’s possession.
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