Namaste India Exhibit at the Please Touch Museum

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Cultural Immersion for Children

Through interactive displays and immersive experiences, the “Namaste India” exhibit at the Please Touch Museum invites children to delve into the vibrant culture of India. Olivia Thomas, the museum’s Chief Learning Officer, emphasizes the exhibit’s aim to foster comparisons between Indian children’s lives and their own.

“Play is a multi-sensory experience, and that includes allowing and encouraging children to touch, listen and explore.” – Trish Wellenbach, President and CEO of the Please Touch Museum

The exhibit features a traditional Indian schoolhouse where children don uniforms and engage in lessons. They can also visit a roadside restaurant, known as a dhaba, and prepare traditional roti flatbread.

Celebrating Diverse Cultures

Aligned with its mission to enhance children’s learning through multi-sensory experiences, the Please Touch Museum regularly introduces temporary exhibits that showcase different cultures. These exhibits provide an opportunity for children to explore their own diverse backgrounds and those of others.

  • Cricket
  • Tuk-tuk
  • Simulated rickshaw ride
  • Bollywood film industry

  • “Wild Kratts: Creature Power!”
  • “XOXO”
  • “Voyage to the Deep”

Origins and Partnerships

The “Namaste India” exhibit was developed in collaboration with The Magic House, a children’s museum in St. Louis, and the city’s Indian community. Trish Wellenbach, the museum’s President and CEO, highlights the museum’s commitment to reflecting the diversity of Philadelphia through its exhibits.

Admission and Support

Regular admission to the Please Touch Museum is $22. EBT cardholders can visit at a discounted rate of $2 through the Museums for All program. As a non-profit organization, the museum relies on the support of its readers to provide fact-based journalism and information.

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