Naomi Campbell’s Yoga Moves Attempt by Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal Resulted in a Hilarious Tumble

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Rylan Clark-Neal, known for his charming presence on This Morning, recently attempted to replicate Naomi Campbell’s impressive yoga repertoire. While his enthusiasm was evident, his execution fell short of the supermodel’s finesse.

Clark-Neal’s Attempt: A Spectacle of Humor

Ruth Langsford, Clark-Neal’s co-anchor, egged him on after viewing Campbell’s mind-boggling yoga poses. Encouraged by her words, Clark-Neal made a valiant effort, but his actions were far from graceful.

  • Clark-Neal flailed his legs in the air.
  • He spread himself across the sofa.
  • In a comical conclusion, he tumbled onto the floor.

Amusement Among Viewers

Clark-Neal’s attempt not only entertained Langsford, but also captivated viewers. Twitter buzzed with amused reactions to his antics, including:

“Rylan attempting to emulate Naomi Campbell was comedy gold!”

“Rylan’s antics had me in stitches. I’m still laughing!”

“Rylan is a natural entertainer. His clumsiness is infectious!”

“Rylan’s fall was the perfect way to end the morning. He always brings a smile to my face.”


While Clark-Neal may not have mastered the art of yoga, he succeeded in bringing laughter to viewers both in the studio and at home. His embodiment of physical comedy highlighted his quick wit and fearless nature, cementing his status as a beloved television personality.

Naomi Campbell’s Yoga Moves

Renowned supermodel Naomi Campbell has consistently displayed remarkable flexibility and strength through her yoga practice. Her ability to contort her body into complex positions has garnered admiration and awe.

Ruth Langsford’s Encouragement

Ruth Langsford, known for her keen sense of humor, encouraged Clark-Neal to attempt the yoga poses, recognizing his natural ability to entertain. Her remarks set the stage for Clark-Neal’s comedic performance.

Providing Laughter

Despite his lack of yoga expertise, Clark-Neal’s failed attempt at recreating Campbell’s moves brought immense entertainment value. His comical physicality and cheerful demeanor transformed the moment into a humorous interlude.

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