Neighborhood Coworking Spaces Expand in San Francisco

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In neighborhoods across San Francisco, smaller coworking spaces have emerged, providing workers with alternatives to commuting and home offices. This trend presents an opportunity for businesses to recoup revenue lost during the pandemic exodus from the city.

Even yoga studios are adapting, offering coworking spaces to attract clients. Karma Yoga, for instance, has redesigned its two-story space to create a serene and relaxing work environment.

The proliferation of coworking spaces aligns with the increasing popularity of remote work. Stanford research indicates that work-from-home has stabilized at five times its pre-pandemic prevalence, with a particular concentration in tech firms and large cities.

Vanessa Vanmatre, a working mom, appreciates the convenience of the new coworking options, which offer flexibility and proximity to home.

For individuals like Kalen Bigger, who continues to work in an office, coworking spaces provide an additional productive setting when needed.

As part of its research, Stanford Economics Professor Nick Bloom reported that work-from-home peaked at over 60% during the pandemic before declining to 35% and stabilizing at approximately 25%.

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