Nina Endrst: From the Concrete Jungle to the Hudson Valley Oasis

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Early Life and Career

Nina Endrst’s early adulthood was punctuated by the fast-paced lifestyle of the entertainment industry, which took its toll on her health. Despite her initial reluctance to acknowledge the connection between her lifestyle and ailments, she eventually recognized its significance.

Career Shift and Wellness Journey

Years later, Endrst’s experience at IMG, a prestigious modeling agency, proved transformative. The intense pressure exacerbated her illness, leading her to quit her job and embark on a journey towards holistic well-being. Regular yoga classes became a catalyst for this profound transition.

Transformation in Mexico

Seeking solace and rejuvenation, Endrst embarked on a retreat to Mexico. This life-changing experience led her to a teaching position, a meeting with her future husband, and a profound expansion as a wellness professional and spiritual guide.

Return to the States and Hudson Valley Haven

Returning to the United States, Endrst found her new home in the Hudson Valley. Despite the challenges of a new pregnancy, the election, and the pandemic, she discovered profound growth and inspiration in her serene surroundings.

Creative Revitalization in the Hudson Valley

The beauty and seasonal diversity of the Hudson Valley have ignited Endrst’s creative spirit, enabling her to explore various movement practices, tarot reading, and a deep connection with nature. She expresses gratitude for her environment, which has fostered her personal and professional well-being.

Nina’s Practice in the Hudson Valley

Podcast: How to Be Human

Endrst shares her insights through her podcast, “How to Be Human,” which aims to demystify spirituality and make it accessible to a wider audience. By exploring various themes in casual conversations, she bridges the gap between the esoteric and the everyday, enabling listeners to connect with their own spiritual journeys.

Classes: Moving Meditations

Her signature teaching style involves “moving meditations” designed to clear energy, enhance fluidity, and strengthen the body. She offers virtual and in-person classes, welcoming the Hudson community to join her practice.

Readings: Intuitive Tarot Guidance

For those seeking personalized guidance, Endrst provides tarot readings. Her approachable and grounded approach creates a safe space for clients to explore their inner landscapes. She skillfully translates the messages of the cards, offering insights and support.

Retreats and Private Classes

At her idyllic farm, Endrst offers private sessions and retreats. Clients enjoy a serene environment for holistic healing practices, including yoga, meditation, tarot readings, Reiki, and art classes. The farm’s studio, healing studio, vegetable garden, and stunning views provide a transformative backdrop for personal growth.


Nina Endrst’s journey exemplifies the power of transformation through embracing holistic practices and seeking inspiration in the natural world. Her heartfelt guidance empowers others on their own paths towards well-being and spiritual connection.

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