Experience Yoga Wear That's Truly Personal

Yoga is a huge part of our lives. We use it to gather together, to empower one another, and become more intimate with ourselves and others. To understand who we are when nothing else matters.
This is our story.

I started doing Yoga in 2013. That's not very long ago, and I definitely wouldn't call myself an established yogi.

But, I fell in love with it.

Like many of you, it all started with Instagram. I saw these beautiful pictures on my friend's feed, posted by Instagrammers like @KinoYoga and @LauraSyKora. I thought to myself - I wanted to be just as flexible, just as healthy, just as influential - I wanted to be them. And loving challenges, I did. I told myself, "If Kino can hang out with her legs behind her neck, I can do it too." It took a lot of agony to get there, but I did.

As I progressed, I got more daring.

After falling on my chin going from crow to crane, a trip to the ER and 12 stitches later, I was back. I saw other people's progress and all the love I started getting on my feed. I felt like I was a part of this amazing community, this collective unit that believes in one another and sends incredible positive energy, even through a phone screen.

But then life got in the way. A handful of bad relationships. Issues at work and home. I became depressed and stopped doing yoga.

I felt like I lost a part of myself.

Until I realized I could change that.

I slipped back into some stretchy fabric and made an effort to put yoga in my daily schedule.

This wouldn't have been possible without support:

Support from fellow yogis, friends, and then meeting my biggest supporter (and cheerleader), Jasper.

Jasper happens to work at the Digital Print Studio and Clothing Manufacturer, Dyeversity, out of Los Angeles, CA.

His unwavering love and belief in me made him curious into the world of yoga. Having two columns of support was so integral to my recovery. In fact, he's started to do Yoga too. So he's not the most flexible creature in the world, but that didn't matter.

He was trying.

And he was doing it for the both of us.

As time passed, he started to notice that a lot of the yoga pants that I wore, were fading or falling apart, really quickly. We're talking about pretty much every pair I had and I just assumed that's how it was. If the seams weren't getting loose, the pattern would bleed. If the crotch wasn't thinning out, the fabric had thinned. It was just wrong.

So we came up with this crazy idea: What if we could make a pair of yoga pants that actually lasted?

We did research. Months of it. We spoke to yogis that I had met. We talked to Dyeversity to see if we could do something about it and they said a resounding "yes".

And so we created OMGI YOGA

It's not just a pretty pair of pants that look great in photos (although they really do).

It actually looks and feels incredible in person.

This isn't something you just wear to pose in photos for Instagram.

This is stuff that you'll actually want to wear - pretty much all the time.

And that's what every yogi who's tested these pants out said to us.

That was the start of amazing.

What makes OMGI Yoga's products amazing, is attention to detail. I'm a little OCD. I care about how things look, where they're placed, and why they're there. This isn't about just patterns that are thrown on, or random stitches or swaps of fabric just to differentiate. What you wear should be there because it contributes. And for us, we wanted to support artists by giving them a canvas.

Because what we wear matters.

Because why we wear it matters.

Because you matter.

We were determined to fulfill that desire. We spent nearly a year sampling and finally developing our own interlock fabric that feels absolutely incredible. We got in touch with master seamstresses and patternmakers to create the structure, fit, and stitching of our pants. When it came to printing, we were blessed with Dyeversity's inks and sublimation process that don't bleed or fade. So that the pants you wear are just as vibrant and beautiful as the artists intended.

To every yogi who's ever helped others get past tough times.

To every person who keeps pushing past their doubts.

To everyone who's been willing to love and believe.

These pants are made for you.


Anna, Jasper & The OMGI YOGA Team