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CORK is the grippiest, prettiest, and most eco-friendly yoga mat you’ll ever use. CORK is also the world’s first Machine-Washable yoga mat. It gets grippier as you sweat. It stays flat, even after being rolled up. CORK showcases its beauty with designs by local artists that showcase the beauty of natural cork. And, CORK is customizable, with your name or message on it! CORK is created on truly responsible, groundbreaking technologies. And it’s going to change how you yoga.




Designed for every vinyasa

As the world’s first Machine-Washable yoga mat, CORK was designed from the beginning to be the best yoga mat you’ve ever owned. Every aspect, from the type of cork & rubber we used, the structure of the mat, to the balance of portability, weight & thickness, creates an experience that is much more versatile and capable than any other yoga mat. As you sweat, CORK’s natural structure expands to hold you firmer. OMGI-developed weighted edges keep CORK perfectly flat. Special bonding allows CORK breathe so it dries incredibly fast. So take CORK with you to the beach for some SUP, to Hot Yoga for some sweat, or anywhere in between.

0.24" thick

Truly eco-friendly & responsible

90% of the World’s Rubber comes from the forests of Southeast Asia. Since the 1970’s, the region has lost hundreds of millions of acres of natural forest, to make way for the production of rubber by exploiting the growth of Rubber Trees (hevea brasiliensis) in Industrial rubber plantations. This not only destroys forests, but replaces farm land, resulting in food droughts throughout Southeast Asia. And since almost all yoga mats use this same “eco-friendly” rubber to make their mats, we knew that had to change. So we took natural cork - a sustainable product made of tree bark from cork trees, that is renewable and recyclable, and fused it with old, recycled tires on the base, with the peace of mind that no forest was ever harmed in the process of making CORK

Stunning, unique & personalized art

When we created OMGI, we wanted to provide artists a canvas to showcase their art. CORK is an even larger canvas to do just that. With designs that express your unique character, CORK deviates from mundane, patterned designs, by replacing them with artwork so stunning that you’ll want to keep your yoga mat unrolled all the time.

CORK is individually made-to-order just for you, with designs that you can customize & even your choice of personalization, like your name or a favorite quote, printed right on your mat! Seriously!

14 Day
Risk-Free Trial

We’re so certain that CORK is the best yoga mat you’ve ever owned, that we’re willing to give you 2 full weeks (14 days) to try out CORK, risk-free. And if you don’t love CORK, send it back to us. Just pay for shipping and handling.

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OMGI Promise Warranty

We promise that your CORK yoga mat will last you for years to come. If you ever have any issues with your CORK Yoga Mat within 5 years, just let us know, and we’ll get it either repaired or replaced, at no charge to you.

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