We searched tirelessly for the perfect yoga mat…

During our journey in crafting yoga wear with purpose, we found that every yoga mat we owned had a limitation – one was indoor only, another was only good for Hot Yoga, and none had the proper padding to help with one of our team member’s arthritis. So we made one that is so versatile, that you only need one. It gets grippier as you sweat. It unrolls flat (yay). It’s so sustainable, it’s good for our environment. It is our CORKPro yoga mat, and it showcases its beauty with designs created by local artists that enhances the beauty of natural cork.

CORKPro is created with truly responsible and groundbreaking technologies. It's going to change how you yoga.

CORKPro is proudly Designed and Created by our team at OMGI here in Los Angeles, and you can't get it anywhere else. Every aspect, from the type of cork & rubber we used, the structure of the mat, to the balance of portability, weight & thickness, creates an experience that is much more versatile and capable than any other yoga mat. As you sweat, CORKPro's natural structure expands to hold you firmer. OMGI-developed weighted edges keep CORKPro perfectly flat. Special bonding allows CORKPro breathe so it dries incredibly fast. So, take CORKPro with you to the beach for some SUP, to Hot Yoga for some sweat, or anywhere in between.

The quality of cork used is the difference between slipping during your headstand or being able to grip throughout your practice.

Cork is the bark that is hand-harvested from Cork oak trees every 9 to 12 years. Harvesting generates vital income for thousands of individuals, and is incredibly healthy for tree growth (which, if harvested, can live up to 300 years). Cork forests also support one of the world’s highest levels of forest biodiversity. So using cork is a no-brainer!

CORKPro uses a proprietary OMGIMesh to bond Grade AAA cork from Portugal. We chose to utilize the unused bits of freshly minted wine corks, which gives our mats that extra bit of strength.

Compared to other leading cork yoga mat brands, CORKPro maintains the highest quality cork. We took some photos under the same studio lighting and a DSLR so you can see what to look for when shopping for cork yoga mats:

  • Color: Bright clean cork is a healthy cork! Comparatively, cork that is lighter and brighter in color means that after harvesting, it was cleaned properly to avoid contamination from little microorganisms that like to eat it.
  • Shine: When you see dull cork mats, it's usually because they're mixed in with glue compounds to bond the surface together.
  • No Gaps: Here’s why we chose to use residual cork from wine stoppers – they require cork that is harvested in the third cycle or later to maintain consistency and regular structure. When you see gaps in your cork mat from other brands, that’s likely from what is called “virgin cork” – irregular cork harvested in the first or second cycles, often used for insulation.
  • Seamless prints: When looking for mats with printed designs, make sure to find ones where the color looks saturated into the cork. Many "cost-cutting" techniques are used to print designs, causing them to crack and wear within several uses.

We're 100% Focused on being Eco-Responsible. That means more than just using "Natural Materials".

90% of the World's Rubber comes from the forests of Southeast Asia. Since the 1970's, the region has lost hundreds of millions of acres of natural forest, to make way for the production of rubber by exploiting the growth of Rubber Trees (hevea brasiliensis) in Industrial rubber plantations. This not only destroys forests, but replaces farm land, resulting in food droughts throughout Southeast Asia. And since almost all yoga mats use this same "eco-friendly" or "natural" rubber to make their mats, we knew that had to change.

So we took natural cork that was unused by wine cork makers - a sustainable product made of scrap wood and tree bark, that is renewable and recyclable, and fused it with old, recycled tires on the base, with the peace of mind that no forest was ever harmed in the process of making CORKPro.

No one else in the industry has focused more attention on how their mats are sourced and produced, and we're proud to say that we designed and created CORKPro here in Los Angeles.

What is OMGI CORKMesh™ Technology and why does it matter?

We knew we had to make cork more resilient, less prone to cracking, and just an all around better mat to use both indoors and out. By developing in-house, we partnered with engineering experts to develop proprietary OMGIMesh™ technology, a intricate mixture of heat and threaded lining that blends, bonds, and holds the cork to its recycled rubber base through intricate 3D weaves, without the need for glue that fades over time. OMGIMesh™ Technology is found exclusively on OMGI CORKPro.

What are the specs?

Our standard CORKPro Yoga mat is 72" x 24" and weighs 6.2 pounds.

What's the bottom of the mat made of? Can I use it to practice?

The bottom of our CORKPro mat is made of Recycled Rubber Tires - ones slated for landfill that are then reclaimed, cleaned, and processed into our special StayFlat™ corner design, which keeps it weighted on the edges, reducing that annoying rolled up top of your mat.

You can most definitely use the rubber end to practice on! In fact, a lot of practitioners and weight trainers love the rubber for it's immediate grip and thick padding.

I can't wait to have the best yoga mat ever! How do I purchase CORKPro?

Easy! You can purchase CORKPro right on our site - here at OMGI. We've got dozens of designs and even customization options so you have your very own CORKPro. Don't be fooled by imitators, CORKPro is the ONLY yoga mat you'll ever need.

Who's that amazing woman in the photos?

That amazing woman in the photo is Hillary Skibell, a professional Yoga Teacher Trainer, Life Coach, Owner of BreathingRoom.net, and a staunch supporter of OMGI! Follow her on Instagram @hillaryskibell.

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