Basics that are anything but basic

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When Everyday
Isn't just Every Day

Designed for your everyday life, the OMGI Yoga Essentials Collection is a simple, no-fuss way of going around your everyday. With super comfy fabrics that feature our signature, proprietary wicking and antimicrobial tech, you can go from coffee, to a night out, and back to the studio, with no fuss. Plus, it helps to look beautiful in them, while staying oh-so comfortable.

Featuring @zoemw @hoodratanna & @cheryld126
wearing Encloud in Clear Sky, Oceania & Starry Mountains in Apatite respectively.


Flow into the clouds.
Float into your pose.

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Inspired by speed and resilence
with lines and colors from supercars.

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The beauty of Carrera Marble
shown in its purest forms.

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Mysterious Beauty
When the stars and moon align.

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Captured underwater
Bring the ocean with you.

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102 Hearts
For Orlando.

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Essential Looks,
OMGI These Are Amazing Quality

Using the same ultra-premium fabrics and stitching that we use in our EDITION line, Essentials yoga pants keep the OMGI Promise quality products with beautiful design. And of course, they are still Made-to-Order by our master seamstresses.

Our yoga pants have been reviewed by yogis from all around and they're sure to make you go "OHM-MY-GEE"

Support & Coverage, Everywhere

OMGI’s custom fit is tailored to make you look and feel fabulous. With support that boosts all the right curves and fabric that covers you (it’s not see-through!), you’ll feel confident in every routine, no matter where you go or what pose you’re in.

Opacity Checked: We check every pair to make sure it doesn't show through - because you've got better things to do (like getting into your pose!) than worrying about something showing.

Made For You: Yoga pants are intimate - they hug your curves and go with you everywhere. Our artists and patternmakers collaborated so the design is scaled to each size, and for the first time, an option for Custom Inseams is available.

Tested, Washed, and Dried (Again and Again): We've put our test pairs through dozens of washes to make sure your OMGI Yoga Pants stay beautiful. With proprietary fabric, Essentials maintain their beauty no matter what pose (or wash) you're on.

A Collection
As Unique As You Are

The OMGI Yoga Essentials collection was created because everyone should show their unique style. Each design we create is designed and curated by our incredible Dyeversity Artists team, and each month, new designs will be released by our #omgicommunityvote so that YOU pick which designs come out first. Essentials - basics that are anything but basic.

From left to right, ENCLOUD in Purple Rain, Starry Mountains in Ameythist, and LINEA in Azure.

The OMGI Yoga Essentials Collection, Made-to-Order, 100% OM Worthy

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