Masterfully Crafted

EDITION Leggings are incredibly special because of the detail put into the design. Our artists spend months to develop designs that curve around you, while our production team works with new inks, sewing processes and more that truly change how yoga wear should be.

IRIS Yoga Pant is made with structure, fit, and stitching crafted by master seamstresses and patternmakers. This makes them feel incredible, and hold up through your every routine.

Opacity Checked: We check every pair to make sure it doesn't show through - because you've got better things to do (like getting into your pose!) than worrying about something showing.

Made For You: Yoga pants are intimate - they hug your curves and go with you everywhere. Our artists and patternmakers collaborated so that IRIS has multiple leg lengths, engineered fit, and an option for custom tailored pants.

Tested, Washed, and Dried (Again and Again): We've put our test pairs through dozens of washes to make sure your IRIS Pants stay beautiful. With proprietary fabric, IRIS maintains its beauty no matter what pose (or wash) you're on.

Unmistakeably "Om" worthy: Being one of the first to own a pair of OMGI Yoga pants is special. Extra special. In addition to being first, IRIS EDITION 1 includes contrast stitching and special EDITION 1 badging on the pants and on the box. Each pant is individually numbered with a collectable insert and gives you access to the OMGICollective.

Like you, we were tired of the fabric on our yoga pants. So we asked industry experts. We sourced from fabric suppliers from around the world. And we had Dyeversity develop our own proprietary fabric that is unlike anything else you’ve worn. With ultra-fine fibers, Dyeversity’s Interlock Poly Moss gives it an identical look and feel on both the front and the back. This knit allows our pants to feel substantial and maintain its opacity (no more see-through pants!) It also feels soft, wash after wash after wash. And amazingly, it’s naturally whickering and breathable, without the need for chemical coating or thicker fibers.

Purchasing a pair of Edition 1 IRIS Yoga Pants includes complimentary access to OMGI Collective! Our rewards program includes perks such as free shipping, a birthday gift, exclusive promo codes and so much more!

*Access to the OMGICollective is available exclusively through the purchase of IRIS Edition 1 or by a $400 minimum spend.

We can't wait to get IRIS to you. Order IRIS today and get her, Made-to-Order, in 2-3 weeks.

Starting at $100.00