OMGI Yoga, a breakout luxury athletic apparel brand, will be the first company in the world to scale artwork on clothing fabric to size, thus creating yoga wear that is engineered to fit every body size. Launching in April 2016, OMGI Yoga’s products are made to order in Los Angeles. The company is backed with over two decades of garment industry experience, with their hands in 7 for all Mankind, Marciano, Guess, and Joe’s Jeans just to name a few. OMGI Yoga’s product is created with the help of master seamstresses and patternmakers whose resumes boast with designer retail brands, but it doesn’t stop there. Every step in the creative process is reviewed in collaborations with yoga professionals to create garments specifically designed to last through various stress tests performed by intensive yoga movements.


The first OMGI Yoga collection features a pair of yoga pants called Iris, and only 50 of the kind will be produced. The pants are labeled with “Edition 1,” and will be individually numbered. Each pair of yoga pant produced by OMGI Yoga will be made-to-order, to combat the sizing challenges in the yoga wear industry. The models used to portray the product all represent different sizes, from extra small to extra large.


The sizing of the OMGI Yoga pant isn’t the only thing versatile about the brand. The proprietary fabrics and inks used has been tested over and over again to withstand water for Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, sweat for hot yoga, and pilling for just about any other activity. “We put our pants in the wash dozens of times, and the pants last! We put the first pair through hundreds of stress tests, and today they still look brand new. That’s the heart in this. Making sure the quality isn’t compromised by cutting costs. We chose to use the best materials even though they’re more expensive because athletic wear is supposed to last through a lot of stress."



OMGI Yoga is a luxury athletic apparel company that is committed to create the most beautiful and coveted yoga wear in the industry. With over two decades of experience in the garment industry, their products are manufactured exclusively in Los Angeles of imported fabrics.

Using the best known stitching technique to put OMGI garments together, the brand sets out to create yoga wear that is as versatile as their consumers. OMGI Yoga’s fabrics are printed by Dyeversity, a veteran fabric printing company located in Vernon. OMGI Yoga works in collaboration with local yoga professionals to create products engineered specifically for the various intensive activities in yoga practice. 


Contact: info@omgiyoga.com 




In the most sacred of ancient texts, “om” originates as just a sound. It is a sound that people generate to create an experience. Breathe. From your diaphragm, vocalize the sound "om" and feel the vibrations rift towards your chest, your throat, and your head. You might feel more focused, more whole, and more calm. Most importantly, note that “om” ends with something that is incredibly rare in your day-to-day: silence. That’s because “OM” is not a word, but rather, it is an experience. Om removes you from the sensory assault of modern noise, and places you in a state of silence. One that is so rare that it's a true luxury.

That’s where we discovered the OMGI Brand.

Our obsession with the exclusivity of sound and the feeling of pure self is the platform for our brand. We created OMGI Yoga with a vision that we deserve yoga pants that hold up in practice and don't pill. One that doesn't bleed or make us sweaty in the wrong places. One that fits justtt right so that when you put them on, it feels like "om" every time.

We wanted a pair of yoga pants that held up in practice. One that doesn't bleed when we sweat. One that doesn't make us sweaty in the wrong places. One that fits. One that doesn't pill. A pair of yoga pants that we don't have to worry about, that made us feel like ourselves.

We created OMGI Yoga because yoga wear deserves to be as beautiful as ourselves. It deserves to be comfortable. It deserves to last through our everyday workouts and routines. It deserves some TLC (tender love and care) that a lot of people have seemed to have forgotten. Why? Because we deserve yoga wear that matters.



When the OMGI idea came to life, the OMGI Yoga team went to Dyeversity, an incredible clothing manufacturer and digital print studio out of Los Angeles, CA. We went to them and asked - can we make this happen? And they smiled and said "of course, let's make it happen."

A company founded with values that matches ours was so essential. Quality. Integrity. Philanthropy. Dyeversity has over 80 years of combined experience in their small boutique, having designed and created garments for many of high-end brands that you know and love. And they offered to help make this line a reality.

We got to work. We were determined to create the perfect line of yoga wear, so we brought in our most experienced yogis, with decades of experience. Dyeversity brought in their seamstresses, pattern makers, printer techs, graphic designers, and fabric experts. Together, we created OMGI Yoga. Fast forward to 2016. Our nearly year-long journey that required us to travel, discover the athletic wear industry, and talk and sample with hundreds of yogis around the world helped us create truly quintessential yoga wear. 

And we wanted to share that experience with yogis everywhere. Every product is made with Dyeversity's proprietary fits and fabrics that you won't find anywhere else. It took us months just to discover what type of fabrics would make the best yoga pant. And we're doing this for every product we have down the pipeline.  

Asana with OMGI Yoga, and forget about the noise. From the moment you see the box, you'll know you're in a state of true bliss.

Inhale. Exhale. OMGI.




The OMGI Yoga brand represents high quality and fashionable design. Inspired by yogis around the world and the street art of Los Angeles, OMGI Yoga is the innovation behind a line of truly artistic yoga wear. Our pieces are designed to inspire yogis to love their bodies and their movements with athletic apparel that is as seamless as they are.

Our fabrics are carefully chosen and rigorously tested, so that it exceeds even our standards. Our fabrics withstand both stretch tests and ink tests, and lasts over time. We use proprietary inks and sublimation so the pants look as vibrant and beautiful as the artists intended.