You work hard to transform other people’s lives by teaching and sharing yoga. Isn’t it time that you get a little bit of TLC for yourself?

OMGI Yoga proudly supports athletic teachers that share the love of yoga to others. If you’re a registered yoga trainer (RYT), dance instructor, Pilates teacher, or personal trainer, you might be eligible to be a part of OMGI’s new OMGI♥TEACHERS Program.

Once you’re a part of this program, we’ll give you access to up to 3, 35% off Discount Codes (That’s right, 35%!!) that can be used on any pair of leggings from us. These leggings have to be for you and you only – if you have someone you’d like to share the OMGI love with, please be sure to let us know before attempting to use the codes.

To apply for OMGI♥TEACHERS, fill out this form below and attach your most recent teaching schedule and certification. It may take us up to a week to review your application and respond! If you’re having any troubles or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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