Guaranteed, because we Promise.

OMGI Yoga guarantees that CORK yoga mat will be free of manufacturer defects and that it’ll last if used and cared for properly. And we want you to experience CORK, so we also included a 14-day, risk-free experience.

The OMGI Promise 14-Day Experience for CORK Yoga Mat

Try out CORK for 14 Days (2 Weeks) from the date of delivery (verified via tracking). Use in the studio or at home if you'd like! If CORK doesn’t meet our standards of quality or performance, let us know and we’ll replace it or give you a full refund of the purchase price, sans shipping. Some things to be aware of:

  • It's natural for CORK to show some color changes. In fact, because cork is natural, you may experience slight color transfers and color changes while using CORK. Don't fret! Like leather and denim, natural cork reacts with the ink and your skin and takes on a patin- a graceful aging process that helps maintain its durability.
  • If you don’t want to keep CORK, get in touch with us. We’ll run through some steps to see if we can make things better, and if not, just pay return shipping or ship it back yourself to us in its original box and you’ll be refunded your full purchase amount, sans any shipping and handling. Missing straps will deduct $15 from your refund.
  • Please do NOT send us back your CORK mat without contacting us! Mats sent to us without an RMA will be sent back to you at your cost. Send us a support ticket here: or email us at
  • Returns & Exchanges will not be accepted if damages are caused by use. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Damages such as slices, divots, or cracks caused by use.
    • Missing straps will incur a $15 return fee.
    • Customized Yoga Mats are ineligible for returns but are still eligible for the OMGI Promise 5-Year Warranty. Custom designs may incur additional fee to re-do as we do not save artwork. Please see notes below.
    • We do not cover return shipping on mats and replacement mats will incur a shipping fee unless picked up.
    • Final Sale, As-Is, and Trunk Show items are ineligible for Returns, Exchanges, and our OMGI Promise Warranty.


OMGI Promise 5-Year Limited-Warranty for Yoga Mats

CORK deserves to be treated well because it’ll treat you well! And by taking care of it, we promise that your CORK yoga mat will last you for years to come. We’re backing with a 5-Year, OMGI Promise Warranty. If you ever have any issues with your CORK Yoga Mat, just let us know, and we’ll get it either repaired or replaced, at no charge to you.

Covered under the OMGI Promise Limited-Warranty for Yoga Mats

If CORK wears out from normal conditions and regular use, let us know and we’ll either repair or replace your mat. Any damages from modifications, improper or harsh handling/care, alterations, negligence, or use outside of the purpose of yoga is not covered. We’ll run through some diagnostics with you, grab some photos and take care of things from there, at the discretion of our OMGI Yoga Team members.

  • Separation of both cork and rubber layers (wear must be more than 1/8th of the mat)
  • Dissolving or cracking of cork top layer (wear must be more than 1/8th of the mat)
  • Cracking of the rubber bottom layer (wear must be more than 1/8th of the mat)
  • Worn out or peeling of cork top layer from regular use (cork mesh must still be in tact)

Not covered under the OMGI Promise Limited-Warranty for Yoga Mats

We do our best to cover everything to the best of our ability, but there are things that we just don’t have control over and are excluded from our warranty:

  • Uneven color, smears, stains, or changes in cork tone from use.
  • Uneven color, smears, stains, or changes in printed design from use.
  • Creases, folds and cracks from handling, storage or washing. Always leave CORK flat or rolled up and secured. Never stuff your mat into a washing machine if it doesn’t fit.
  • Normal wear and tear (including the natural patina of cork) of the print or designs.
  • Damage from excessive outdoor use. Do not leave in direct sunlight to dry. Salt water should be immediately rinsed off after use. If soaked under water, should be wiped off with dry towel and lay flat to dry.
  • Tears on cork layer due to pulling and/or inappropriate use.
  • Damaged caused by improper use or care.
  • Damage from non-yoga or similar fitness activities.