Our Process & Fabrics
OMGI Yoga's process and fabrics are unlike anything else in the industry. From unmatched color reproduction to industry-leading stress tests, our products are designed to last and stay as comfortable and beautiful as the first time. Learn about what makes OMGI Yoga's products diferent below!
Dyeversity Print Process
Using Dyeversity’s proprietary ink and print process, we’re able to get more vibrant colors and precision detail that showcases the pants exactly as the artists intended.
3D Stretch Technology
With fabric developed specifically for OMGI Yoga, our Interlock Fabrics feature 3D Stretch Technology. The fabric is woven to be soft, with just the right stretch in any direction, creating a consistent look, give, and feel at any angle, both inside and outside.
OMGI Yoga’s fabrics are naturally Antimicrobial, so you’ll always smell great! (well, as good as you can sweating!)
Wicking Wonder
With Interlock stitching, our fabrics wick away sweat without needing chemicals, are naturally breathable, and you’ll experience a less sweaty, better for your body workout.
Opacity Checked
We check every pair to make sure it doesn't show through - because you've got better things to do (like getting into your pose!) than worrying about something showing.
Tested & Washed (Again and Again)
We've put our test pairs through dozens of washes to make sure your IRIS Pants stay beautiful. With proprietary fabric, IRIS maintains its beauty no matter what pose (or wash) you're on.