Yoga Wear with Purpose

Yoga wear is as personal as it is purposeful. It’s something that hugs your every curve, while helping you get into that perfect yoga pose effortlessly. And it's been made into an impersonal, mass-produced, cut-corners for the sake of profits, looks good and falls apart type of product. But most importantly, the current state of yoga wear neglects why we yoga: to help and foster a community of support and hope for yogis all around. The conversation of how and why yoga wear is made needed to change. And that’s why we're here.

It's All in the Details

We take made-to-order to a whole different level. We source the threads, produce our fabric, and even sew everything ourselves. While other yoga wear brands use overseas sweat shops and or local mass-production houses that sacrifice design and quality for profits, we use proudly run our own production facilities with our factory in Vernon, CA with our office in Los Angeles' Arts District.

Made-to-Order Magic

When we have that level of control on the manufacturing process, we can not only create products that are higher quality and consistency, we also have the ability to be more creative, like being able to create individualized product that can include personal messages, customized branding with Yoga Studios, and more.

Everything we make takes time, and the love we put into each and every product shows, right down to the OMGI gift box you get with your leggings. That's how Made-to-Order should be, and why it's well, magic.

More Responsible Ways to Love

Creating yoga wear that is responsible by sourcing eco-friendly, recycled threading, using water-soluble sublimation ink that doesn't pollute the environment, and running an organization that has almost no wasted product means we can be responsible and actually mean it. We're here to make products that help people do what they love better, no matter what you love. We're here to continue innovating, producing quality products, and provide a new type of yoga experience.

A Showcase of Art on Fabric

When we created OMGI, we wanted a platform for artists to showcase their work on a platform that challenges their creativity. One that allows them see their designs come into reality on real, quality products while getting paid living-wages. But we took it one step further by sponsoring our artists to foster their creative aspirations and involving them with the actual production process. Every product you buy from OMGI Yoga pays for artists' personal development: from additional art classes & supplies to traveling around the globe to discover inspiration like the Northern Lights featured in our AURORA EDITION leggings - it's that creative opportunity unlike any other.

Community Forward

We truly believe that yoga is about helping others. As a small studio, we have the ability to be more proactive without red tape. It lets our artists be more creative and our team more responsive to the needs of our yogi community. We continue to work with other non-profits to create products that support causes we believe in. We also work with yogis from all around to develop our leggings to be the best they can be.

Let the Magic Begin

We're here to make yoga wear with purpose and we can't wait to see you a part of it. On behalf of our entire (little) team, thank you for learning about why we're here. Now let's get start our journey together.