Peloton Expands Yin Yoga Offerings: New Instructors and German Language Classes

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Peloton has expanded its Yin Yoga offerings, introducing new instructors and a German language option to cater to its growing global user base.

Nico Sarani’s German-Language Class

On July 24th, Nico Sarani debuted as the first German-speaking instructor for Peloton’s Yin Yoga classes, marking a significant step in the platform’s international expansion. The 30-minute class introduced German-speaking members to this restorative yoga practice.
(Translated excerpt from Sarani’s Instagram post): “What I find most fascinating about Yin is that it allows us ample time within each pose to ‘arrive at ourselves’ – in other words, to practice silencing the incessant chatter in our minds.”

Expansion of Instructor Team

Joining Sarani in the Yin Yoga instructor lineup are Kristin McGee, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and Kirra Michel, each with their own unique teaching styles. Their classes have been well-received by Peloton users, adding variety to the Yin Yoga collection:
  • 20 min. Yin Yoga – Kristin McGee – 6/27/23 @ 8:05am
  • 30 min. Yin Yoga – Kristin McGee – 7/20/23 @ 7:55am
  • 20 min. Yin Yoga – Chelsea Jackson Roberts – 7/26/23 @ 8:05am
  • 20 min. Yin Yoga – Kirra Michel – 7/28/23 @ 10:00am ET

Yin Yoga: A Slower-Paced Practice

Yin Yoga, a slower-paced style of yoga, involves holding poses for extended periods, typically ranging from 3-5 minutes or longer. Unlike restorative yoga, which focuses primarily on relaxation and healing, Yin Yoga emphasizes stretching and applying gentle pressure to specific body parts.

Availability and Accessibility

All Yin Yoga classes are accessible through Peloton’s dedicated Yin Yoga collection. Alternatively, users can filter the complete on-demand library using the “restorative” tag to locate Yin Yoga classes.


Peloton’s continued expansion of its Yin Yoga offerings, including new instructors and German language classes, demonstrates the platform’s commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive yoga experience to its users worldwide.


By Emily Austin, Yoga Enthusiast and Health Writer
Credit and rights belong to OMG I Yoga
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