Peloton Yoga for Cross-Training Collection

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Peloton has introduced a new Yoga for Cross-Training Collection. The collection, available through the Peloton app, web browser, and hardware devices, is tailored to complement cycling or running workouts.

Class Descriptions

The collection currently features 14 classes, with more anticipated in the future. These classes fall into two distinct categories:

For Riders

* Six classes ranging from 10 to 30 minutes
* Instructors: Mariana Fernández, Kristin McGee, Denis Morton, and Ross Rayburn

For Runners

* Eight classes of either 10 or 20 minutes
* Instructors: Mariana Fernández, Kristin McGee, Kirra Michel, and Denis Morton

Objectives and Benefits

Cross-training yoga classes are designed to target muscle groups that receive significant usage in cycling and running. By combining yoga with these other disciplines, individuals aim to enhance their overall fitness and recovery.

Availability and Accessibility

The Yoga for Cross-Training Collection can be accessed on Peloton’s app, hardware devices, and website.

Additional Resources

Peloton has expanded its yoga offerings in recent months, introducing Conditioning and Yin Yoga classes. These additions provide diverse yoga experiences to meet the needs of different individuals.


The Yoga for Cross-Training Collection offers a targeted approach to yoga practice, complementing cycling and running workouts. The availability of these classes on Peloton’s various platforms ensures accessibility for users seeking to enhance their cross-training routines.

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**Jane Doe** is a certified yoga instructor and fitness writer. With a decade of experience in the wellness industry, she holds a deep understanding of the benefits of cross-training.

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