PMC Team Assesses Santosha Complex Demolition Plan

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Patna, Bihar –

Structural Evaluation and Plan Formulation

On Friday, a seven-member team led by Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) Chief Engineer Ashok Kumar conducted an inspection of the top three floors of Santosha Complex. The team’s mission was to assess the unauthorized flats ordered for demolition by the Supreme Court. Alongside engineers, a structural engineer accompanied the team.

During the inspection, the team scrutinized the room count, toilets, and structural designs of each individual flat. They meticulousl examined the 5-inch thick walls, which were deemed to be the first target for demolition, followed by the roof, pillars, and balconies.

PMC’s Demolition Strategy and Safety Considerations

PMC Commissioner Abhishek Singh, while remaining tight-lipped about the specific demolition plan, indicated that the team would initially focus on dismantling the curtain wall. A report will subsequently be submitted to the Divisional Commissioner, after which the strategy will be further discussed. Notably, the beam and pillar surrounding the elevator have been exempted from demolition for the time being.

The Patna High Court, in response to a petition filed by Santosha residents on July 11, directed the PMC to prioritize the safety of the residents during the demolition process. The PMC Commissioner acknowledged this responsibility.

Resident Cooperation and Meeting

A meeting is scheduled under the supervision of Divisional Commissioner Anand Kishor on Saturday to finalize the demolition strategy. The meeting will be attended by the PMC Commissioner, engineers, Patna DM, Patna SSP, and Santosha Complex residents.

A resident representative emphasized the residents’ willingness to cooperate with the PMC in carrying out the Supreme Court order, while requesting the safety of the building be maintained. The residents intend to engage an expert civil engineer in the meeting to fully understand the demolition plan.

Significant Vacancy and Compensation

The team’s inspection revealed that most of the flats on the top three floors of Santosha Complex had been vacated. The eighth floor was completely empty, while other flat owners were in the process of relocating their belongings. Residents who were in the process of vacating expressed their concerns regarding the inadequate compensation provided by the apex court, which stands at Rs. 7,000 per square foot.

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