Pratt Institute Students Improve Health Services

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Pratt Institute Students Improve Health Services


Pratt Institute students are tackling the challenges of medical care and health services in their medical prototypes class. Led by adjunct professor of industrial design Jeffrey Kapec, students are exploring innovative solutions to improve existing products or create new ones that address unmet needs.

Rota: Adjustable Yoga Blocks for Scoliosis

Selin Miskavi, a BID ’22 graduate, has designed Rota, a set of adjustable yoga blocks and a mat specifically tailored for people with scoliosis. Recognizing the limitations of traditional yoga blocks, Miskavi’s research and collaboration with a childhood yoga therapist led to the creation of Rota, which allows users to gradually realign their bodies into beneficial poses.

Scooter for the Sharing System

Thomas Chen, a BID ’21 graduate, has developed a public shared scooter designed for seniors and individuals with mobility impairments. Inspired by bike-sharing services, Chen’s scooter enables users to overcome mobility barriers by renting scooters at affordable rates.

AutoStim: Wearable Device for Anxiety

Seamus Gilmore, a BID ’21 graduate, has created AutoStim, a wearable device for individuals with generalized anxiety disorder. Recognizing the limited physiological interventions for anxiety, AutoStim tracks vital metrics such as pulse, heart rate, and breathing, providing prompts and stimuli to help users de-escalate their anxiety symptoms.

Lifeguard Flotation Device and Harness

Andrew Lee, a BID ’21 graduate, has designed a lifeguard flotation device and harness system. Drawing upon his experience as a lifeguard, Lee’s device enhances lifeguards’ mobility and efficiency during water rescues by allowing them to use their limbs freely while providing support to the person in danger.

Hoto: Toothbrush for Oral Aversions

Anjani Alayo Santos, a BID ’21 graduate, has developed Hoto, a toothbrush designed for children with oral aversions. Inspired by occupational therapy tools, Hoto features interchangeable heads to accommodate varying levels of comfort.

Chek: Subscription Toothbrush and Service

Hector Brignone, a MID ’22 graduate, has created Chek, a subscription toothbrush and service that combines oral hygiene with salivary diagnostics. By providing users with in-depth analyses of their oral and overall health, Chek promotes preventative care and empowers individuals to take control of their well-being.

V Cup: Urinalysis Cup Holder for Female Patients

Gui Mu, a BID ’19 graduate, has designed the V Cup, a urinalysis cup holder specifically designed for female patients. Mu’s research and human-centered approach led to the development of a device that improves patient comfort and convenience during urinalysis procedures.


Pratt Institute students are making a significant contribution to the field of medical design by developing innovative prototypes that address real-world healthcare challenges. Through their hands-on experiences and collaboration with experts, these students are preparing to become the next generation of designers who will shape the future of health services.

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