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The option to personalize your yoga mat is finally here.

This is an optional add-on for CORK that must be added IN ADDITION to your choice of CORK Yoga Mat. The two items must be added during the same cart session. If you forget to, please contact us at and we'll see if we still can make the change!

Your yoga mat is yours, isn't it? CUSTOM CORK is the only personalized yoga mat that allows you to add your own personal touch, anywhere on the mat, for only $10 per customization!

Add your name, a quote, your Instagram handle, even your personal or company logo right on your CORK! We'll do our best to accommodate almost any request - just keep in mind that the more content you put, the smaller the text will have to be!

Choose from different sections of the mat, from the corners, to the side or the top and bottom and we'll have one of our OMGI Yoga Team members work with you to get your dream yoga mat a reality!

You can customize as many corners or sections as you want! Please note, that Customized CORK Yoga Mats are ineligible for returns unless due to manufacturing issues but is still warrantied by our 5-Year, OMGI Promise for Yoga Mats. Read all about our Returns & Warranty policy here.

Here's what you can customize:

  • All 4 Corners, with text up to 10" in width and 10" in height
  • Both Top and Bottom, with text up to 20" in width or 10" in width if including Corner customizations
  • Both Sides, with text up to 60" in width (Side, Long) or 30" in width (Side, Short)
  • Custom Logo, can be placed anywhere! Cannot replace OMGI Yoga logos or branding. If you're a studio or company looking for custom merchandise, please contact us about OMGI in the Studio, our Retail & Wholesale program at
  • Your choice of font (as long as it's free for commercial use!)
  • Your choice of colors (Everything except white!)

Explore CORK's features, benefits, and learn more about Eco-Responsibility at our CORK Yoga Mat Site

CORK is the best yoga mat you'll ever own.

  • Performance - CORK’s slip-resistant, natural cork top layer reduces fidgeting, isn’t sticky, and makes an effortless transition throughout your vinyasas. And there’s no break-in required! It’s also super easy to clean and wipe down.
  • Truly Eco-Responsible - Being Eco-responsible is more than just a claim of “eco-friendly”, it’s using materials that are recycled, don’t encourage deforestation, and doesn’t use any chemicals like PVC or acids.
  • Design - With prints created by local designers, each and every CORK has its own unique flare, showcasing your individuality, while supporting artists in Los Angeles.
  • Size - And at 6 feet long and 2 feet wide (72" x 24") or (1.828m x 0.6096m), CORK is perfect for yogis of all shapes and sizes.
  • Weight - CORK weighs in at just around 5 lbs, and with our OMGI strap that’s over an 1” wide, it'll be comfortable enough to take with you anywhere.
  • Thickness - CORK is 0.24" thick, meaning you've got plenty of padding for your ustrasanas, anjaneyasanas and other poses that are harder on the knees.

Every CORK is made to perform, last and also, save the environment.

  • World's First Machine-Washable Yoga Mat - Sometimes, spot cleaning just isn't enough. You've sweated on your mat for months, and it's just not how it used to be. Fear not! CORK was designed from the beginning by our engineers to be machine washable - a first of its kind. It won't crack or fray over time.
  • Say goodbye to towels & nasty smells: OMGI Engineered natural cork mesh top layer is created by Cork Artisans from Portugal (experts at creating some of the finest Cork Wine Stoppers you've ever seen by the way!). The cork that isn't used is ground up and then bonded into a cork mesh top layer with OMGI DryMesh Technology. OMGI DryMesh allows CORK to "breathe" so it'll grip better, clean easier, and dry a lot faster. Our cork top layer is made in a 100% truly eco-friendly process where no trees are harmed. The cork trees used are harvested only once every 9 years, and live to be over 200 years old! Cork is also biodegradable, naturally antimicrobial, and durable! No chemicals required!
  • Grips & stays flat: OMGI Engineered recycled rubber base - 90% of the world's natural rubber is taken from environmentally damaging rubber tree plantations. In fact, nearly every single yoga mat made out there is made with this "eco friendly" rubber which contains extracted latex, which is then boiled in with acids, dried, cured in a fire, pressed, and mixed with sulphur. Yikes! This is in addition to the mass displacement of natural forests for rubber forests, which destroys wildlife and creates food deserts in many parts of South Asia. Our rubber base utilizes recycled rubber from old tires that would otherwise sit in a landfill or be burned. The rubber is then cleaned without the use of chemicals and molded into our OMGI StayFlat design which features specifically engineered, weighted edges on your CORK mat so that it'll stay flat, even if it's been rolled up.

14 Day, Risk-Free OMGI Experience

We’re so certain that CORK is the best yoga mat you’ve ever owned, that we’re willing to give you 2 full weeks (14 days) to try out CORK, risk-free. And if you don’t love CORK, send it back to us. Just pay for shipping and handling.

Read our full OMGI Promise 14-Day Experience Terms

Guaranteed, because we Promise.

CORK deserves to be treated well because it’ll treat you well! And by taking care of it, we promise that your CORK yoga mat will last you for years to come. We’re backing with a 5-Year, OMGI Promise Warranty. If you ever have any issues with your CORK Yoga Mat, just let us know, and we’ll get it either repaired or replaced, at no charge to you.

Read our full OMGI Promise for Yoga Mats 5-Year Warranty

Care for your OMGI’s

  • Regular Cleaning: Quick wipe with damp towel across entire cork top layer after every practice. Spot clean for stains only. Do not use chemicals or sprays (there’s no need!). Lay flat to Air Dry.
  • When you really need to: Cold Wash Only, Air Hang Dry. Detergent is ok, but don’t use bleach!

CORK is from around the world, and we’re so glad it is.

To make a yoga mat that’s different that every other mat out there, we had to travel the world to do it. And by travel the world, this mat literally uses parts from all over the world.

  • Made with sustainable, natural cork from the forests of Portugal, harvested by well-paid Cork Artisans.
  • Base is made with recycled rubber tires from various origins, including the United States, Japan, China, and Korea.
  • Contents are combined and made in a CTS & RoHS Certified, Child Labor Free, and Sweatshop Free production facility in China
  • Finishing and Designs are done in our OMGI Design Studio right here in Los Angeles, CA


Have a question? Need advice? Our Q&A is moderated by the OMGI Yoga Team & fellow yogis can respond also!

Ask Question
Q: How do I note my customizations? I see a note section on check out but what about graphics?

A: After your purchase, we'll get in touch with you via email to grab your logo or photo, get details on where you want to see it, and how big you want it! From there we'll put it into proofing, and send it for your approval before we get it into production. Do know though, customized items are ineligible for returns and warranty. Hope that helps and answers your questions!

Q: I want to put my logo on the mat but not sure how it'll turn out. Do you guys do proofs?

A: Yes! After your purchase, we'll get in touch with you via email to grab your logo or photo, get details on where you want to see it, and how big you want it! From there we'll put it into proofing, and send it for your approval before we get it into production. Do know though, customized items are ineligible for returns and warranty. Hope that helps and answers your questions!

Q: What colors show up on the customizations? I'm having some trouble visualizing how a photo would turn out. Thanks!

A: We print with a CMYK process, but yellows tend to disappear when put onto CORK due to its colors. If you'd like, we provide proofs after purchase, and we'd be happy to refund you if it doesn't work out how you want. Hope that helps!

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