Rajinikanth and His Spiritual Journey: Mahavatar Babaji and Kriya Yoga

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Rajinikanth, the renowned Indian film star, has attributed much of his success to his unwavering devotion to Mahavatar Babaji, an enigmatic spiritual figure believed to be the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda’s mentor, Lahiri Mahasaya.

Encounter with Mahavatar Babaji

Rajinikanth claims that he first learned about Babaji through Yogananda’s autobiography, “Autobiography of a Yogi,” after being introduced to the book by a friend. Intrigued by Babaji’s teachings, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led him to the secluded cave where Babaji is said to have resided.

According to Rajinikanth, while reading the book, he experienced a profound enlightenment when the image of Babaji emanated a light-spark. This spark guided him into a meditative state, which he attributes to his initiation into Kriya Yoga, a form of yoga founded by Babaji.

Influence of Kriya Yoga

Inspired by his transformative experience, Rajinikanth became an avid practitioner of Kriya Yoga. He credits the practice with bringing positive changes to his life, including increased discipline and self-awareness. As a testament to his devotion to Babaji, Rajinikanth produced and starred in the 2002 film “Baba,” which aimed to popularize the spiritual guru.

Mahavatar Babaji’s Significance

According to Yogananda’s autobiography, Babaji is an immortal avatar who retains a youthful appearance while roaming the Himalayas. He is believed to have assisted prophets and saints throughout history, including Shankara and Kabir. Yogananda emphasizes Babaji’s mystical nature and his desire to remain hidden from the world.

Autobiography of a Yogi

Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” serves as a testament to his profound respect for Babaji. In the chapter “Babaji, Yogi-Christ of Modern India,” Yogananda describes the guru’s extraordinary powers and teachings. He recounts how Babaji appeared to him and instructed him to disseminate Kriya Yoga to the West.

Yogananda’s Contributions

Yogananda dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Kriya Yoga and promoting self-realization. He established the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSSI) in 1917, which has become a global organization dedicated to the study and practice of yoga. Yogananda’s writings have influenced countless individuals, including Rajinikanth, who found solace and guidance in his teachings.


Rajinikanth’s journey into spirituality has been profoundly influenced by Mahavatar Babaji and the practice of Kriya Yoga. The teachings and wisdom of these figures have become integral to his life, shaping his beliefs and guiding his path towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

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