Ramita Jindal: A Rising Star in Indian Shooting

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Ramita Jindal: A Rising Star in Indian Shooting

Ramita Jindal, a rising star in Indian shooting, has adopted a disciplined daily routine that has helped her excel in the sport. Her dedication paid off when she earned a silver medal in the women’s 10m air rifle team event and an individual bronze medal at the Asian Games.

Training Regimen

Jindal maintains a strict regimen to enhance her shooting skills. She begins her day with breathing exercises and yoga to promote relaxation and focus. She also works with a psychologist, who provides her with techniques to improve her mental game.

In addition to her physical and mental training, Jindal follows a carefully planned diet, with guidance from a nutritionist. As a vegetarian, she relies on supplements to maintain her energy levels during long hours of training and competition.

Background and Support

Jindal’s passion for shooting began when her father took her to a shooting range in 2017. She quickly developed a passion for the sport and decided to pursue it as a career.

Despite her young age, Jindal has already achieved significant success, winning a gold medal in the ISSF Junior World Championships in Cairo last year.

Her father is an advocate and income tax advisor who ensures that she has the necessary equipment and support for her shooting career.

Jindal, a student at Delhi’s Hansraj College, receives support from her college, which exempts her from studies during training and competitions. She utilizes her free time during the off-season and study breaks for academics. She also uses YouTube for independent study.


Inspired by her accomplishments, Jindal’s younger brother Pranav, aged 15, has also taken up shooting and is training alongside her. Looking ahead, Jindal aspires to win an Olympic medal for India.

Jindal said, “I just came here with the thought that I will learn and experience new things, not particularly with the aim of winning medals. Whatever the result here, I thought that will help me in learning things. “Winning medal was not my target but I have been preparing for a long time. I have been playing World Cups and World Championships. I have been experimenting things and applying in these matches and I am happy that it had gone well.”

While her primary focus is currently on the 10m air rifle, Jindal has not abandoned the 50m 3P event and intends to compete in it in the future. She draws inspiration from shooters like Anjum Moudgil, who have successfully balanced multiple shooting disciplines at top-level competitions.

“In the Tokyo Olympics, I saw Anjum Moudgil doing both 10m air rifle and 50m 3P and she was balancing both and doing well. I was really motivated by her. I am also trying to do both. It is difficult and right now I am focusing on the 10m air rifle. But I will definitely do 50m 3P in future, ” she added.

Jindal wants to follow in the footsteps of Abhinav Bindra. She said, “Abhinav sir is the inspiration of every shooter. There is no woman shooter in India who has won an Olympic medal, I want to become one. “Paris Olympics is too close for me, I just got into the senior team. But I will try to be a part of the Indian team in the Paris Olympics and try to win a medal there. “When I came to shooting I saw only Anjum di, Ela di. And after knowing them, I came to know about Abhinav sir. My whole family is not from a sports background.”


Jindal’s journey from a teenager with a passion for shooting to a rising star on the international stage serves as an inspiring example of dedication, discipline, and family support in the world of sports.

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