Sadhguru: A Plea for Transformation Amidst Global Strife

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A Call for Transcendence: Sadhguru’s Vision for a Peaceful World

Condemning Violence as a Hollow Answer to Conflict

In an era plagued by belligerence, Sadhguru, the revered spiritual leader, has resolutely denounced violence as a futile and counterproductive solution to conflict. He asserts that the resort to violent means has become an unfortunate norm, leading humanity down a path of increasing strife and suffering.

Interview Excerpts: Navigating Troubled Waters

Sadhguru’s Conversation with Kumkum Chadha of Hindustan Times:

  • Condemnation of violence in Manipur, Haryana, and Ukraine
  • Exploration of the need for peaceful negotiations
  • Emphasizing the importance of transformative education

A Path Towards Harmony and Understanding

Sadhguru firmly believes that the only path to a peaceful and harmonious world lies in fostering greater human awareness and transcending divisive boundaries. He advocates for a transformative approach to education that empowers individuals to cultivate empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of their interconnectedness with all living beings.

The Responsibility of Conscious Action

Sadhguru urges humanity to take responsibility for its actions and to actively work towards creating a world free from violence. He emphasizes the transformative power of conscious choice and calls for a collective commitment to fostering peace and understanding.

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