Sage Guinn: Bringing Yoga to the Great Falls Community

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Sage Guinn, a recent transplant to Great Falls, has made it her mission to promote the accessibility and benefits of yoga within the community. Her Sunday “Yoga in the Park” events at Gibson Park provide free and open-air instruction to the public, fostering a welcoming environment that encourages inclusivity.

Guinn’s inspiration for teaching yoga outdoors stems from her personal experience and her observation of the local community. “Great Falls is a wonderful place, filled with open and receptive people,” she remarked. “Introducing yoga through free park classes is my way of giving back to this welcoming community.”

Yoga in the Park: Open and Accessible

Guinn’s “Yoga in the Park” sessions are tailored to cater to individuals of all levels and backgrounds. Recognizing the potential barriers to studio-based yoga, she aims to make the practice accessible to everyone. Her unwavering commitment to inclusivity has attracted a diverse group of participants, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Alison Harris, a college student who attends Guinn’s classes, remarked, “Sage creates an incredibly welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable and supported. She exemplifies the spirit of community, making her classes a true joy to attend.”

Teresa Ormseth, another dedicated yogi, added, “Sage’s classes ignite a passion for yoga within her students. She fosters a sense of togetherness, creating the ambiance of practicing with friends rather than strangers.”

Beyond the Park: Guinn’s Wider Impact

Guinn’s dedication to yoga extends beyond her Sunday park events. She teaches 15 classes per week at five fitness centers in Great Falls, offering a wide range of options for those seeking instruction. Her students have formed close bonds, creating a sense of family within the yoga community.

Guinn’s passion for yoga and her commitment to sharing it with others are evident in her approach. Her students appreciate her lighthearted nature and the emphasis she places on creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

Those interested in attending one of Guinn’s classes can join her at Gibson Park on Sundays or visit her website for more information. Her classes provide a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of yoga in a relaxed and inclusive setting.

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